Global Health Care Systems Have Become Overwhelmed With Potentially Infectious Patients Seeking Testing and Care – Blue Flame Medical to The Rescue

Updated on May 25, 2020
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Due to the highly infectious nature of COVID-19, the demand for Personal Protective Equipment has hit a record high since the new decade started. We all had high hopes for the new year, but all hopes got disrupted. The coronavirus pandemic is testing the healthcare system to its limits the world over. According to the World Health Organization, the virus just very well might remain an issue for longer than most people anticipated. Concurrently, global healthcare systems are struggling to keep up with rising infections. PPEs are quickly running out of stock in hospitals and drug stores. It seems there is not much we can do about the situation.

With the situation getting worse, the world can use all the help it can get. Most are showing appreciation for the medical practitioners who are trying to manage this health crisis, while civilians are staying fixed at home. As we acknowledge these individuals for their heroic acts, we cannot forget medical supply companies doing their best to keep the much-needed PPEs in stock. One such company is Blue Flame Medical, a global network of COVID-19 medical suppliers company that is doing all that is possible to help the situation. They are doing so by ensuring PPEs get to buyers fast, for a fair price, and giving the best quality service and products in the market.

Protecting Those On the Frontline

While everyone else is stuck to their couches until the pandemic dies down, there are those essential workers putting their lives in danger by coming face to face with the virus on a daily basis. Doctors, nurses, and others involved in the running of healthcare centers are at greater risk of contracting the disease more than anyone else. These heroes are tasked with testing and treating confirmed COVID-19 patients, exposing them to the danger of infection. We have already seen over 100 healthcare workers succumb to the deadly virus. Prevention relies on them having all the protective gear they need.

Blue Flame Medical leaders are at the forefront of endorsing the protection of those on the frontline.

“It’s time to re-evaluate our priorities. Those on the frontline have been previously overlooked, but they now have emerged as true heroes to unite us. Thus, it is imperative that we shift our focus to our first responders, our healthcare workers, and those on the frontline. This unseen enemy has knocked us down, yet we have the chance to not only rise up, but for us to rise up as a stronger, more unified nation.” Mike Singletary, NFL Hall of Famer Coach Co-Founder of the National Child ID Program supporting Project First Responder Blue Flame Medical.

Securing Customers 

Blue Flame Medical playing a major role in protecting individuals from scammers taking advantage of the new decade’s tragedy. Countless people all around the world are standing together for support and encouragement, but this is not the case for all. Surprisingly, not all humans are trying to save humanity. Notorious business people and their companies are out to make a profit off this health crisis. On the contrary, through their site, Blue Flame Medical is educating civilians on everything they need to know to identify fraudsters. It’s all about being part of the solution.

“This is not merely a public health crisis – it is a crisis of resources. If every American had access to high-quality masks, testing kits, and the dozens of other medical supplies they need, we would have flattened the curve of infection already. This is where Blue Flame Medical comes in. Because of our partner relationships, we have the ability to quickly supply the high-quality, lifesaving PPE to Americans across the nation. We vow to work tirelessly to ensure first responders, healthcare professionals, and clients receive the critical supplies they deserve.” Blue Flame Medical Family. 

Blue Flame Medical has put a lot of emphasis on making everything run smoothly for its clients. Their fast supply system can be credited to their extensive global reach which makes it possible for them to shift their supply chain to facilities that can guarantee the fastest delivery. That is how they make sure 100,000,000 PPEs get delivered at a go. No other player in the market can guarantee quality products that have passed the FDA test twice, not to mention their speed and pricing. You can’t lose your money with their 8-hour inspect and rest period policy, plus a money-back guarantee.

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