Getting Started With THC: 4 Things To Know

Updated on March 2, 2023

Many people are turning to THC to enhance their lives, but there are still many people who aren’t necessarily on board with the idea, and they’re also those that would like to get involved but don’t know where to begin. If you or someone you know is wondering how to get started with THC and its associated products, here are a few top tips.

Choose the Right Method

When it comes to ingesting THC, there are more than a few methods available. Vaping is a very popular method of consuming cannabis. Many people don’t like inhaling smoke or don’t like the taste of smoke, but this is where the Cake HXC Disposable can help as it can release pleasant-tasting vapors without having to consume unhealthy by-products and you can choose your ideal flavor. Disposables are a great and easy way to consume THC, but there are other ways to ingest it, including edibles, tinctures, and topicals that are designed to target specific ailments on your skin.

Know What to Expect

Consuming THC or cannabis can provide a great variety of effects depending on the person consuming it and how much was consumed. Some reported effects of cannabis include:

  • Appetite increase. 
  • Decreased blood pressure. 
  • Greater enjoyment of music. 
  • Pain relief. 
  • Sleepiness. 
  • The Entourage Effect, which is when numerous compounds of cannabis are consumed altogether.

Do It Safely

Many people who consume THC find it’s a great way to unwind after a hard day’s work or have a greater quality of life, but it’s important to ensure you find a product that suits your needs. There are a wide variety of cannabis products, all with varying potencies. For example, the Delta 8 variety is less likely to get you high in comparison to the Delta 9, which is the naturally existing THC compound. 

Making sure that you start out at low dosages will make sure that you listen to your body. If you consume too much THC in one go, it can result in some unpleasant feelings. Like anything, you need to give your body the time to process the effects. It is always tempting to consume more, but making sure that you slowly increase the dosage over time to one that you are comfortable with will make a big difference to the quality of your experience.

A Few Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do start slowly. 
  • Do choose a comfortable environment to consume it. 
  • Do finish your tasks before you begin consuming.
  • Don’t leave cannabis lying around, and keep it away from children and animals by storing it out of reach or under lock and key. 
  • Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery as it can take time to enter your system depending on how you consume it, and it is a crime. 
  • Don’t share it with others, unless you are aware of their tolerance to THC.

There is a lot of stigma around THC in cannabis. If you know people that are interested in trying it, they need to go in with their eyes open.

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