Gemstone 101: All You Need To Know About Hematite

Updated on September 2, 2021

There are dozens of gemstones and crystals on and on the earth’s surface. Each stone comes with a set of properties that make it useful for a variety of purposes. One such mineral is what we call hematite. Hematite is one of the many gemstones you can have and use, making it more than a mere jewelry item. Plus, it also has a colorful history. We’ll find out all there is to hematite gemstones.

So What Is Hematite?

Hematite is one of the most abundant minerals you can find in the earth and soil. It is a crucial component of iron, making it valuable. It comes in an array of reds, grays, and browns. However, the color of the stone changes permanently to black once you polish it. Black hematite is an ideal alternative for fancy jewelry items and collectibles. You can find out more about the basics and any other hematite meaning by visiting sites online.

A Bit Of History

The usage of hematite can be traced back all the way during the peak of the Roman and ancient Egyptian civilizations. The Romans and Egyptians used it for ornaments and medicinal practices. The stone was also a staple in the spiritual field, as many individuals believed it had magical properties. Halfway across the globe, the Chinese even believed that hematite could bring luck and prosperity. The Babylonians even carried hematite stone pieces to battle, thinking that it could protect them from harm. Farmers used hematite to protect their crops from curses and evil spells. Talk about utility!

The Use Of Hematite

  • For aesthetic purposes

Hematite is readily available in many outlets and shops. You can have it as a trinket or jewelry that you can customize along with other precious stones. Some individuals opt for hematite as an alternative to any fancier stones, such as diamonds. So if you want to flash a fancy brooch or ring without spending a fortune, go for hematite. 

  • For spiritual reasons

Hematite works wonders, especially for those who have a strong connection with their spirituality. The stone wards of evil energies, and can bring luck. Hematite rings can create and balance your mood. 

  • For health purposes

Hematite is associated with blood. So it comes as no surprise that people use it to prevent blood loss during birth. You can also utilize the stone for blood-related issues, such as clots, high blood pressure, and so on. Hematite stones can also help with detoxification and better sleep.

The Pros And Cons Of Having And Using Hematite

Like any other tangible object out there, having and using hematite can have an impact on the stone. Read on to find out more.

  • The pros

Using hematite brings a number of benefits for your physical and spiritual needs. It will improve your overall mood and way of living. Plus, hematite will have an impact on your body.

  • The cons

Having hematite items can be really bothersome. The stone is also not a good fit for you if you live an active lifestyle. Although durable, you have to take care of the stone as it can break from a good fall. 


Finding And Purchasing Hematite Products

Hematite is everywhere. You can purchase even large chunks of the mineral in your local gemstone store or outlet. If traditional shopping is not your thing, you can go online. There exist thousands of websites and platforms that offer and sell hematite and other unique stones. It’s all up to you to click on a website and start browsing wares.

Hematite is not expensive at all. Those large chunks you see in the store can only cost around a couple of dollars. But it would be up to you to find any use for them. However, there are other hematite items and products that can go for as much as eight thousand dollars. These extravagant pieces of jewelry come with other gems and fancy stones.

Is My Hematite Fake Or Not? How Can I Tell?

You can place a hematite stone side-by-side with any similar mineral. You will have a hard time finding any differences between the two. This aspect is the reason why many traders and individuals abuse the market with fake hematite. Don’t worry, for we have some things and tips to help you out.

  • Genuine hematite is not metallic. As such, you won’t have it sticking to a magnet at all. But if it does, you probably have been scammed.
  • You can also check out if your stone is legit by scraping a portion of it. The stone should have a reddish or brownish streak. 
  • Your hematite stone is genuine if it has strokes, groves, and lines like most gems out there. 
Hematite Is Outrageous

Hematite gems can be a decent investment you can benefit from in the long run. Not only does it showcase elegance and aesthetic beauty. But it also works as a healing and warding stone. You can carry it with you or set it on a shelf along with your other collectibles. No matter what you do with the stone, it is paramount that you have fun with it.

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