Free Resource Helps Nurses Looking to Advance Their Careers

Updated on November 24, 2011

Nursing License Map provides current and prospective nurses with a wealth of information on licensing requirements, education and salary information for all 50 states. The site is a free resource designed to help nurses across the country looking to advance their careers and find the information necessary to do so.

The homepage features an interactive map of the United States. Users can click on any of the states and will be then directed to a state-specific page. On each state’s page, education and licensure requirements for nurses are outlined accordingly. Salary data is also provided for each state, showing the average salaries for a licensed nursing assistant, licensed practice nurse, registered nurse and advanced practice nurse. Licensing procedures are discussed for each kind of nurse, complete with the necessary fees and tests. Users can quickly view this information for many different states, which makes for easy comparison. This is important for nurses to get familiar with expected schedules and the many benefits a career in nursing offers.

In addition to the state-by-state mapguide, Nursing License Map includes additional information on broader topics, such as Master’s in Nursing online programs and Advanced Practice opportunities across geographic boundaries. Here, prospective nursing professionals can better educate themselves on how to advance their careers in pursuing nursing specialties which allow a nurse to better serve and care for patients.

Nursing License Map is a comprehensive guide for hospitals to gain exposure to thousands of nurses who are motivated to further their career.  With Western PA Hospital News, we can show the impact of nurses on their colleagues and the community in which they practice as a whole.

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