Four Reasons Why DNA Testing Is a Good Idea

Updated on June 28, 2020

Technology has come a long way, particularly in the medical and scientific fields. There are so many things today that could not be done even 20 years ago and it can be quite amazing to think about all of the possibilities.

Having a DNA test is just one of those things. Thanks to home DNA test kits, it is now possible to find out things such as parentage, genetic history, and so much more with ease. It allows us to unlock some of the mysteries about ourselves through our own genetic code.

But there are many instances where having a DNA test done is a great idea. Here are four of the most common reasons that one would need or want DNA testing done.

1. Finding Out Your Ancestry

Many of us like to know where we came from, who our ancestors were, and what our family tree looks like throughout the years. Ancestry testing has become a popular form of DNA testing that allows people to find out where their bloodlines originate and to find out more about their ancestors.

It can be particularly helpful if you thought you were from one part of the world; you can either confirm that thought or find out that you come from an entirely different part of the world. Either way, knowing where your bloodline runs through can be highly interesting and informative.

2. Screening for Diseases

As we learn more about the diseases in our world, we learn that a great many of them are genetic in nature. So, instead of being at risk of contracting them out in the world, we find out that we are predisposed to be at risk due to our genetics.

This can be essential for situations such as becoming a parent. Having a DNA test done can let you know if there are certain conditions that are present in their genes and could have an impact on whether or not they decide to have biological children or to adopt.

DNA testing can be particularly important for women who may be considering fertility treatments as there are factors that can heavily impact their ability to do so.

3. Establishing Paternity

Like it or not, one of the biggest reasons for a DNA test is because there is some dispute about paternity. Whether it is finding out if a long-lost parent is actually a parent or in a case of obtaining child support or fighting for the rights to visitation for a child, DNA testing can be an important tool to have available.

DNA tests can put any of those questions to rest and make it easier to move forward with reality instead of speculating about who is accurately representing themselves.

4. Agriculture Uses

When we think of DNA, we tend to think of ourselves and the things that can come with it (paternity tests, ancestry, and so on). But one use of DNA testing is that it can test the agricultural varieties of certain crops.

With the ability to make generic modifications to different types of crops, it can allow for advancements that enhance the crops as well as crop yields. Being able to come up with disease-resistant crops can cut down on the waste of lost crops, allowing for more food produced.

Not only that, it can actually be used to enhance animal breeds to make for better meat, milk, and other products that come directly from the animal as well. Simply put, it can have a massive impact on the way our food is produced and cut down on the amount of waste.

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