Foreplay Tips: How To Make Your Woman Go Wild

Updated on August 23, 2020

It’s not a secret that women were made differently – they are emotional creatures with complex bodies. Making a girl go wild in the bedroom requires an effort. The good thing is that you don’t have to look like Ryan Gosling, be rich like Jeff Bezos, or act like a bald guy from Brazzers. If that were the case, billions of people in the world would be single. 

So, does size matter? Do you need to be a Hollywood actor or billionaire to get laid like a king? No. No. No.

It’s all about the eagerness to learn how to please your woman. If you really want your girl to achieve intense orgasms with you, here is how you can become the best lover for her:

Set the mood

The sad news is that a woman needs more time to turn on, especially in a long-term relationship. 

There is a huge difference between saying ‘let’s have sex’ before going to sleep and setting the mood for sexual intercourse throughout the day. Think of sex with your partner like it is the cooking process. You should marinate your steak before grilling it. If you start grilling in without preparation, you will just get it burned. 

To set the mood for your girl, start foreplaying right after breakfast. If you live together, you can hug her from behind and kiss her neck while she is getting ready. If she tries to resist, compliment her: ‘I know you are running late, honey, but you look so pretty, I can’t stop myself.’ 

Will she smile and tell you that you are a fool? 


Will she remember this little situation?


If you don’t live under the same roof with your partner, you can set the mood in the morning in a different way. Send her a sweet text. For instance:

“Will you be my little spoon tonight?”

“Oh woman, don’t think I’m a fool, but I already miss you!”

“I’ve got something special for you, Princess.” (who doesn’t like surprises?)

A text or kiss in the neck will help to show your affection. If you also have a chance to do something nice for her, like making breakfast or sending flowers, please do. It will not only guarantee incredible sex afterward, but it will also help you to build intimacy in your relationship. To spice things up you can use a remote control vibe. It is great for foreplay and you can control her orgasm.

After seeing how much you care about her, your woman will do everything to please you back! 

Create the atmosphere

Forget about candles, roses, and jazz! To create an atmosphere for sex, you should make sure your partner doesn’t have a lot on her plate. If she still needs to pack a dinner for tomorrow or put the kids to sleep, there is no chance she will also think of getting ready for sex with you. 

Create an atmosphere where she can relax and be 100% present in the moment. If there is something she wants to talk to you about, listen to her. Otherwise, she will have a monologue in her head during sexual intercourse with you. 

Take it slow

As mentioned earlier, ladies need more time to get the love machine started. So, give her some time by taking her clothes off slowly, kissing her and playing with her body.

Consider using lubricant to boost arousal and make the overall experience more pleasurable. It can benefit women who take birth control pills or antidepressants, smoke cigarettes, or breastfeed. Before applying lubricant, make sure to warm it up in your hands first and consider putting a towel underneath in order to prevent staining.

Once you drive her wild with these simple tricks, you can get to the next stage called penetration. 

Get rid of high expectations

Some men think that sexual intercourse needs to last for hours in order to make women come. The truth is rather different – it’s all about attention. It doesn’t matter whether your precious thing can work for three minutes or three hours. Even if you are not able to keep your erection for a long time, you can always help your girl achieve an orgasm with the help of your hands, tongue, or a sex toy. 

It’s ok if you come before she does. In this case, you can tell her that you have a chance to focus on her pleasure now. At Adore Passion Canada, you can find a variety of sex toys and products you can use to take your game to the next level.

The bottom line 

To be a great lover for your woman, you need to learn the art of foreplay. So, start your little game outside of the bedroom – hug her, kiss her, help her, and be generous with compliments. Your woman will not be able to resist the amount of affection you are about to show her! 

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