Five Ways to Improve Hospitals

Updated on February 17, 2021

There has never been a more important time to keep hospitals safe. With COVID-19 still infecting millions around the world, safety of hospitals is more prevalent than ever. While the virus is of course the number one concern when it comes to the safety of the patients and medical personnel, these lessons can be transferred to other situations and utilized to make our hospitals better overall. The medical infrastructure was not ready for a pandemic, and we need to improve our hospitals and maintain our facilities so that we are ready for other challenges in the future. With preparation, we can improve medical services and keep our citizens healthier and happier.

Hire Esteemed Personnel

A hospital is only as good as its staff. There should be scrutiny put into each employee when hiring. There are a lot of ways to do this. First, it is obviously important to ensure that the person has the proper credentials, certifications, and education for the position they are applying for. Hospital management should vet the applicants by calling past employers and confirming their pedigree. They should also keep in mind the importance of background screening and background checks. When the employees are kept to a high standard, the hospital will only improve.

Encourage Medical Professions

Most people who get into the field of medicine have a passion for it, but there are a lot of people who dismiss it completely. Some of these individuals could excel, thrive, and love working in health care but don’t know it yet. Perhaps this is because we don’t necessarily encourage people to get into the medical field. While we respect it, most people say “I could never do that.” Is that true? Likely not. When someone finds meaning and responsibility in medicine, they may find that is just what they want to do. While these people have to be enthusiastic, that is exactly the point. We should encourage passion for health and health care.

Maintain & Replace Equipment

Hospitals need to maintain their equipment and replace any equipment that is broken. If something needs to be fixed, it should be immediately to avoid the possibility of there not being enough medical machines or equipment that patients need. Of course hospitals need funding. Since COVID-19 has shown the holes in our medical services, it is absolutely imperative for us to allocate more funds to health and health care. When we prioritize medicine, we’ll better have the ability to keep the public safe from all kinds of ailments and diseases including COVID-19.

Increase Facilities

In addition to maintaining the equipment, it is vital that we increase our hospital facilities. COVID-19 has exposed the low number of beds. It has also shown that we don’t have enough medical equipment like ventilators. We need to invest in larger facilities with more beds and more equipment. It is absolutely imperative to have more than enough equipment necessary so that when the time comes, medical professionals have it at their disposal. With more facilities, doctors and other medical personnel will have the ability to better care for their patients.

COVID-19 has exposed the flaws of our medical infrastructure, hospitals, and the low numbers of personnel. Not only do we need to invest in medicine as a culture, we need to fund hospitals and encourage people to get into this field because it is respectful, admirable, and important. These people need our support in the way of encouragement as well as funding, awareness, and increased access to the tools and equipment they need.

While the pandemic is still the primary health concern around the world, it is vital to take these lessons into the future. We need to work towards a better health and medical infrastructure while cultivating the environment for support of the personnel. We need to appreciate the professionals and show scrutiny to those who aren’t passionate about the field. Still, cultivating this kind of passion for helping people is necessary. Spreading the awareness that these people are important and significant will also lead to allocation of resources that they need to do their job. With COVID-19 or not, these methods are crucial to improve our hospitals and medical infrastructure in general.

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