Five Dental Career Options with Vast Job Opportunities

Updated on March 17, 2020

Did you know that careers in dentistry are growing at a faster rate than most occupations? Yes, its growth projection for the period between 2014 and 2024 stands at 18%. That’s not all. There is a surge in demand for cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dental care. Then, what are the lucrative career paths you may take in dentistry? Here are the five top career options in 2020: –

1. General Dentist, DDS

As you start your dentistry career, you may work as a general dentist. Here, you’ll get exposed to most areas of the dental practice. Hence, it’s a great way to launch your career and decide on which areas interest you the most. To practice as a general dentist, one must get a state license. This accreditation entails taking a series of rigorous oral and practical examinations. 

2. Dental Assistant

Are you good at customer service? Or do you have top-notch communication skills? Then, think of joining a Dental Assisting School and train to become a dental assistant. Your main duty will be making the patient comfortable as you assist the dental practitioner. In a typical day, you’ll schedule the dentist’s appointment and prepare the tools for the day. Then, you have to be on call to perform supportive tasks as per the dentist’s requests. This in-demand career gives you in-depth experience in the dentistry industry. Later on, you can scale it up into full dental practice. Or, become a dental hygienist, a dental office manager, or an insurance dental processing officer.  

3. Periodontist

Did you know that as per the CDC, gum disease affects nearly half the population of Americans? Yes, periodontal disease is a much more prevalent problem than we imagine. And you can take part in the fight against gum disease by becoming a periodontist. Here, you get to diagnose, treat, and prevent gum disease in patients. More so, you get to use dental implants as a restoration procedure. Typical services include scaling and root surface debridement.

4. Orthodontist

An orthodontist works with braces to straighten the jaw and teeth. Hence, it takes lots of training and practice to succeed in this field. Yet, it’s a priceless satisfaction to restore smiles to patients who had lost their self-esteem. Unlike other dental practitioners, an orthodontist sees patients every six to eight weeks. Orthodontics is one of the highest paying dentistry fields with most patients coming from well to do families. 

5. Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is an expert in preventive oral health. He works with a dentist to ensure patients maintain clean and disease-free teeth and gums. Hence, he may polish the patient’s teeth, apply protective solutions, track treatment plans, and educate the patient about maintaining healthy teeth. To excel as a dental hygienist, you must be a social person. That is, you will have to be patient, empathetic, caring, and courteous. Plus, it would be best if you were persistent in pursuing the best care for patients.


The demand for dental care goes up as the population ages. The US Census Bureau anticipates having more adults than children in America by the year 2035. Hence, more persons will need the services of a dental practitioner. Which area interests you the most? Then, use your current skills and preferences to choose a rewarding dental career path.  

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