Five Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Disability Insurance Lawyer

Updated on November 15, 2021

If you are facing a scenario like your insurance company refusing to pay benefits when you experience a disability, it is time to hire a disability insurance lawyer.

To find the right lawyer and improve your chances of winning your case, make sure you ask the five following crucial questions.

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Are you a specialist in disability law?

While any lawyer can represent you for a disability claim, it is a good idea to hire one who has experience and credentials in disability law.

The ins and outs of disability law are complex, so having a lawyer who has specialist knowledge can help you to win your case.

An expert disability insurance lawyer can easily talk you through things like whether disability claims get denied and what medical documents you need to provide, too.

What are your fees?

You need to ask potential lawyers about their fees. The good news is most disability insurance lawyers get paid on a contingency basis, meaning they only receive a payment if your case is won.

Fees can differ from one lawyer to another, so it is a good idea to compare different lawyers to find the least expensive one. But bear in mind that the lawyer’s fees should not be the sole factor when determining which lawyer to go with.

To give you an idea of standard fees, reputable lawyers charge up to 25% on maximum payouts of $6,000. If a lawyer quotes you more than that, it is a clear indicator that he or she does not have your best interests at heart, so go with another lawyer.

How many hearings do you average in a week?

By asking prospective lawyers how many hearings they average each week, you can get a good idea of how experienced and busy they are.

The majority of disability lawyers cover two or more cases each week, which means they are always busy but not too overloaded.

If a lawyer tells you he or she averages two or more hearings a week, you can have the assurance that your case is in capable hands; as long as the lawyer answers the other questions on this list satisfactorily.

Can we meet before the court date?

Asking a potential lawyer whether he or she can meet you prior to your court date is a good way of finding out how much the lawyer cares about you and your case.

Disability insurance lawyers are not required to meet up with clients before a court appearance, but if you want to meet up with your lawyer beforehand for whatever reason, you should have the peace of mind that he or she will meet you.

If a prospective lawyer is unwilling to meet you in person before your court date, it is best to go with another lawyer.

What is your success rate?

If you want to test how ethical a potential lawyer is, ask what his or her success rate is.

Honest lawyers will tell you straight, which means even if they have a high win rate, they will tell you that they cannot guarantee positive results.

On the other hand, if a lawyer brags about his or her win rate, it is usually an indication of unethical behavior.

For instance, some lawyers could be guilty of obtaining high success rates by dumping clients when it looks like the cases will not be won.

The last thing you want is to end up being dumped by your lawyer at the last minute. So, be wary of any disability insurance lawyer who brags about an almost faultless win rate and promises positive results.

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