Fitbit Versa 3 Review – A Complete Guide

Updated on September 6, 2021

Table of contents

  1. Review of the Fitbit versa 3
  2. Fitbit Versa 3 vs Versa 2
  3. Fitbit Versa 3 vs Versa 
  4. Final note

Fitbit Versa 3 is the most recent smartwatch model by the brand in its Versa series. Versa 3 is said to be a mid-range yet highly advanced and efficient smart watch. There are a bunch of features you can enjoy with this smartwatch, such as advanced health monitoring functions and much more. Let’s take a dive into the details of Versa 3 and compare it with its previous models. 

The look

At the first glance, Versa 3 gives off a very sleek and stylish look. It comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. The range includes:

  • Midnight strap, soft gold aluminum dial
  • All-black strap and aluminum dial
  • Pink clay strap and soft gold aluminum dial
  • Olive strap and soft gold aluminum dial
  • Thistle strap and soft gold aluminum dial

The watch bands are not only good looking, but are also made with a flexible material that allows them to wrap up comfortably on your wrist. The band’s material is also water resistant, so even if you are sweating while working out or walking, you won’t have to be worried about damaging the band. 

Furthermore, it has the always-on display technology that you can use to view contents of the watch without touching it. It has a highly readable and clear AMOLED display, which includes over a 100 clock faces for you to choose from. You can favorite the most suitable ones and change them with just a swipe. 

The technology

Moving on to the functionality and features the Versa 3 offers. Firstly, it is the complete package when it comes to health tracking and monitoring. It features 24/7 heart rate tracking, Sp02 tracking, and has an advanced feature of notifying a user when the heart rate is too high or too low. The watch can also monitor your sleep, hence it’s recommended to keep it connected to a cheap fast internet, so it can perform functions like data sync and smart wake up. One of the many health features that are similar between the Versa 3 and the Fitbit Sense is the stress management feature. Versa 3 keeps track of your stress management and also gives you a score based on your behaviour. 

Other than health tracking, you can also get loads of fitness features in this cool gadget. You get access to built-in GPS that can track your activity, distance walked, run and much more. It has over 20 goal-specific workouts for you, and also has an advanced cardio goal tracker. 

Enough with the fitness and health features? Let’s move on to a more entertaining aspect. The smart features of this gadget include on-wrist apps, calls and texts via the watch, a do not disturb mode and built-in voice assistants. You can use Alexa or Google Assistant, as per your choice. Ask the assistant questions about weather, news updates and much more. 


Fitbit Versa 3 costs around $230 if you buy it from Amazon

Fitbit Versa 3 Vs. Versa 2

Design and technology comparison

Versa 2 and Versa 3 have a significant difference in their designs; Versa 2 has a stainless steel bezel while Versa 3 has aluminum. Versa 2 was released in 2019, and therefore is a slightly older model but with just as equally advanced features, including SpO2 and heart rate tracking. Versa 3, on the other hand, was released in mid-2020. With Versa 2, you can find a special edition model that has a jacquard band. However, the regular models are more or less the same, with both featuring silicone bands and rounded dials. Compared to Versa 3’s 5 color options, Versa 2 has only three:

  • Black band with Carbon aluminum dial
  • Stone band with Mist Gray aluminum dial
  • Petal band with Copper Rose aluminum dial

Versa 2 has 300 x 300 resolution while Versa 3 has 336 x 336 resolution. Both have SpO2 trackers and other such health monitors, but Versa 3 takes the win with a built-in GPS tracker. 

Price point

Versa 2 is available at about $179 from Fitbit. The price difference is significant between the two. However, if you don’t really want loads of color options and can live without on-board GPS, then the upgrade might not be as necessary for you. 

Final Note

It looks like Versa 3 has is quite similar to Fitbit Sense, considering the health features and it’s 336 x 336 resolution. Many people would want to upgrade from Versa 2 to Versa 3 due to several features, but it all comes down to personal preferences. If you are into a smartwatch for its entertainment features, then Versa 2’s on-board music and music storage feature will be appealing to you. However, for fitness and health purposes, Versa 3 takes the lead. Overall, both your choices will require a phone/tablet and an internet connection from buytvinternetphone to sync data and receive calls, messages and much more.

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