Finding the Correct Vape Juice

Updated on December 1, 2020

Vape juice is known with other names like e-juice and vapor-liquid as well. A wide variety of vaporizers use this product, and it is available in various flavors. 

The flavor choice depends on every user’s preference. They can be ice cream flavors, cookies, brownies, ketchup, jolly rancher, mint, and others. Each flavor comes with a different level of nicotine, some containing zero nicotine. 

The juice consists of mostly vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. A few additional ingredients like food flavoring, water, and some forms of nicotine are also added to improve the vape juice quality. We recommend visiting indejuice for vape juice, to get the best quality products and satisfactory results. 

Ten percent of the ingredients of the juice are the flavorings, nicotine, and food-grade products. The remaining ninety percent consist of the PG or VG fluid, which acts as a medium for the evaporation of these ingredients. This allows the safe consumption of the vape juice. Let us have a look at the product details of vape juice.

Propylene Glycol

It is among the most popular refills and is a humidifier. It delivers a potent vapor, which is used in pharmaceuticals, food products, and vape juices. 

Propylene glycol has a strong flavor that remains in the back of the throat. It is denser compared to VG and does not pose any harm to human health.  It functions as alcohol and is odorless with a slightly sweet taste to it. PG is considered safe for swallowing or inhalation. Very few people are allergic to it.

Vegetable Glycerol 

It makes up about eighty to ninety percent of the vape juice and delivers dense clouds of smoke. This is the reason why vegetable glycerol is popular among users. It is completely non-toxic and has no odor. 

Vegetable glycerol is manufactured without using any oil products and is alcohol. It is an utterly vegetable-based product. Since it is a newly introduced material, some old vaporizers may not work efficiently in producing vapors with vegetable glycerol. 

Food Grade Flavoring

The various intriguing flavors found in vape juice come from the food flavoring added to it. Vegetable glycerol and propylene glycol do not have much taste of their own so that they can produce some robust condiments mixed with various flavors. 

The industry is working to eliminate the additives, although safe to eat but dangerous when inhaled. Diacetyl containing vape juices are being taken down due to this very reason. Many different flavors can be combined to produce a new and exciting flavor. 


To satisfy nicotine cravings, a specific amount of it is added to vape juices. This can prevent one from tobacco leaf consumption. Nicotine is known to improve the vape juice flavor and can be considered a safe drug. 

Since the smoke from burning tobacco is responsible for harming human health, vaping can be considered safe since it allows safe nicotine consumption. 


Regular water is used to reduce the potency of flavors used in vape juice for dilution purposes. For vapor production through the liquid, using some amount of water is necessary. 

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