Finding The Best Performance Recovery Center

Updated on January 25, 2021

In becoming the best athlete you can be, you have to ensure your performance’s quality and consistency. Athletes can acquire quality and improvement through training programs, workouts, and such. Consistency is maintained through discipline and determination. However, there are two essential components in achieving an athlete’s optimal performance. Every athlete, coach, and trainer know that rest and recovery are vital in any athletic endeavour.

What is performance recovery?

Performance recovery pertains to an athlete’s recovery after competition or intensive training. It involves working on returning to their normal psychological and physiological condition as quickly as possible. Athletes undergo performance recovery so fatigue, muscle soreness, stress, and such will not compromise their performance in the next training session or competition.

Performance recovery can be short-term or long-term.

Short-term recovery refers to performing low-intensity exercise during a cooldown phase of a routine or after the whole workout. This occurs only hours after an event or after training sessions. 

Long-term recovery commonly refers to programs that are incorporated into seasonal training schedules or annual athletic programs. This may last for days or weeks, depending on the overall athletic or training program one has.

There are various techniques and equipment that aid in one’s recovery. Here are some of the standard performance recovery methods:

Sleep and rest

This is a vital aspect of performance recovery. We all know sleep is beneficial for anyone. For athletes, it specifically boosts aerobic endurance and the stability of hormone levels. If hormone levels fluctuate, stress levels may increase. A decrease in growth hormones can also occur and affect the process of tissue repair.

Sports Massage

Sports massage does not only help you relax after training sessions or an event, but it also improves blood and nutrient flow in your body. A better flow decreases any soreness and tightness that you may experience after training. People who participate in repetitive activities and sports experience increased knots all over their bodies, especially on most pressured and stressed parts. This can also occur to individuals who are not athletes but work in stationary positions. A sports massage aims to remove strains and knots so you can recover quicker and get back to training as soon as possible. 

Dry Needling 

Dry needling includes inserting a sterile fine filament needle to enhance muscle and tissue quality,  range of movement, and pain. This releases the trigger point of a muscle and helps an athlete prevent injury, perform safely, increase recovery rate, and improve mobility.

There are more kinds of performance recoveries available from various performance recovery centres.

How can you find the best performance recovery for you?

The foundation of the best performance recovery has the best performance recovery specialists there are in the market. You want the centre you entrust your performance recovery with to have experts who have in-depth knowledge on the matter and years of experience in the field. You can check testimonials, reviews, and who their past clients have been to assess these centres properly. You should also be keen on whether their employees are qualified therapists.

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