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Updated on December 6, 2019

CBD can offer you multiple benefits, which is quite helpful to know. But just knowing the uses is not enough until you discover which specific product suits you and your needs better so that you can enjoy its consumption. In the market, you can come across different types of CBD products, including topical solutions, edibles, capsules, and many more. To understand which full-spectrum CBD product can be the perfect pick for you, let’s explore some varieties and their benefits briefly.

CBD oils 

CBD oil contains different types of cannabinoids and nutrients. Since the content of CBD tends to be highest in this item, you may have to pay a higher price to grab it. You can mix it with foods and drinks for an intake. Or, consume it sublingually, which means you have to hold the recommended amount of drop beneath your tongue for a specified time before gulping the remaining portion to allow it to get absorbed in your blood rapidly. Also, you can inhale some oils. However, read the instructions on the package before doing anything for a safe experience.

CBD topicals

From creams to gels, CBD topical products can be anything that you can put on your skin directly. Creams and gels are great for localized applications because they can quickly get blended with your bloodstream. Due to containing a light density of CBD, these items cost less. They are quite easy to use. Plus, you can enjoy their results for hours. Hence, you wouldn’t hesitate to use them every day.

CBD capsules

Like any other medicinal pills and tablets, the CBD capsules contain powder, which you need to swallow for digestion. You won’t get any taste, but their effect can be longer-lasting than other options. What makes them easy to use is the fixed amount of CBD used in them. It eliminates the need to check its quantity. Also, you can consume it the same way as you take any prescription or OTC medicine or supplements.

CBD edibles

As per general belief, edibles contain THC. But some stores sell natural CBD edibles with 0% THC. These are typically food items, such as CBD gummies and gum, which you can eat so that your stomach digests them. One of the best things about these products is their taste. You can get these in delicious flavor. Since the edible has to travel some distance through your body before finally reaching the digestive tract, you can enjoy its effect for even longer. Some find it to be the most convenient consumption option.

CBD bath bombs

They look like ordinary bath bombs only. The only difference is that the CBD ones contain CBD oil, essential oils, baking soda, and other ingredients. When you add it to hot water, you get a relaxing aroma. And when you go inside the tub infused with this product, your skin quickly absorbs it because of the open pores caused by hot water. From relaxing your muscles to calming your mind to providing nourishment to your skin, it does so many things for you while you enjoy a soothing warm bath.

The varieties are quite interesting, and each has its unique way of working on your body. Just see which one you think can make the right choice.

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