Fièra Cosmetics Review: Can this concealer help with anti aging?

Updated on May 9, 2020

I’m a make-up artist and a number of my clients are older women. The products that I’m accustomed to using on my younger clients don’t have the same satisfactory results as they do for older skin. So I’m always on the lookout for what’s coming out on the market and I kept hearing about Fièra Cosmetics, which is a line specifically designed and marketed to older women. 

I’m always a bit apprehensive about coming across a brand that has to be purchased online. But between the positive things I’d been hearing about Fièra from other industry workers plus all the positive customer reviews online I decided to look into it. 

I always do my homework on any new product I’m using. First of all, it’s cruelty-free (which is always a huge bonus), paraben free (which in my opinion is a must: it’s bad for your skin, your overall health, and the environment and a lot of products are still using it!), and the products contain anti-aging treatments plus hydration elements. I was also impressed by their companies overall model: by selling only online they are able to save on the high fees of shelf space in stores. Meaning, they can sell high quality products that are more affordable than their competitors. And what’s really great to see is that they partner with a charity called Second Harvest and for every concealer they sell they donate enough proceeds to buy a full meal for an underprivileged child

All of this is of course nice to see but what I’m most curious about is to try out what has been described as a “revolutionary” product specifically for older women. With a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping, I’m intrigued enough to give these products a go. Placing the order was simple and hassle free and it arrived in a timely manner. I ordered the bundle package, which includes a concealer, finishing powder, anti-aging neck cream, and a concealer and a powder brush. 

Before using any new products on clients I always test them out first on myself. For the record, I’m in my early 30s so I’m not the targeted demographic that this makeup was formulated for. But I’m quite pleased with it! The concealer comes on heavy but it blends really well and feels nice and light on my skin throughout the day. A little goes a long way and it effectively conceals any blemishes and fine lines. For my makeup needs it’s a great value for the price. 

But my main concern is finding products that suit the needs of my older clientele. I test it out on one of my favorite clients who’s in her 70s (full disclosure, it’s my mom!). With a similar skin tone and willingness to be my guinea pig, she’s the perfect candidate. 

The problem with other products that are meant for younger skin is that they’re not formulated for heavier set wrinkles and can set in and cluster in creases and have the opposite result of what you’re aiming for. Just like it did for me, the concealer blends really smoothly and beautifully on her skin, and covers her wrinkles and blemishes quite effortlessly. It’s light and smooth and gives an overall natural look. The product has a hydrating effect that keeps her skin moisturized and smooth (no flakiness). Right away both my mom and I can see the difference, that this is formulated specifically for an older woman in mind. And the finishing powder does a great job at further enhancing a flawless and smooth effect.

Her overall opinion about Fièra Cosmetics: she’s really happy with it and she ordered her own bundle package. She’s pleased that it’s clearly marketed for women her age and that it actually works for her skin. My overall opinion as a makeup artist: it has the effect I’m looking for and I can easily apply it, blend it, and apply other makeup over it. It has an end result I’m happy with and my client feels great with. Fièra Cosmetics is definitely a brand you need to consider for your older clienteles’ needs! 

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