Farxiga Tablet – Dosages and Usages at a Glance

Updated on January 14, 2022

Go through the medication guide that the pharmacist has provided you before taking dapagliflozin. Ask the doctor and get all your questions answered in case of doubts. It is an oral medicine, which you must take with or without food according to the doctor’s directions. You must accept the drug once every day in the morning. The medicine dosage will depend on your medical condition and your response to the treatment. Use the medicine regularly to get the best results, and if possible, take medicine simultaneously every day. If your condition does not improve, convey the details to your doctor. 

Precautions you must know about

Before taking the pill, tell your pharmacist or doctor you are allergic to the medicine. If you have allergies, your doctor must know it. The product contains inactive ingredients, resulting in allergic reactions and other problems. Speak to your pharmacist about this in detail. 

Before using the medicine, ensure that your doctor knows about your medical history, especially if you have dehydration, kidney disease, low blood pressure, alcohol abuse or yeast infection. If you have diabetes, you may endure dizziness, blurred vision or drowsiness resulting from low blood pressure. If you see that the symptoms are staying for long, you have to reach out to your doctor as fast as possible. Try to limit your alcohol usage and smoking because that will interfere with the medication. Moreover, it increases the risk of low blood pressure problems and high ketone levels. 

At times, older adults are sensitive to the drug and therefore fainting, or dizziness is a profound problem. Hence, the dosage needs to get altered in the case of these individuals. More so, pregnant women must convey to their doctors about their medical history. Discuss the benefits and risks of this medicine with your doctor before initiating the medication. Discuss the plan and overall diet and exercise with your doctor so that you can maintain your blood sugar level while being pregnant. 


Drug interaction may modify how the medicine works or improve the risk of severe side effects. You must have a list of different products you use and share the same with your doctor. Never stop, start or change your dosage without informing your doctor. 

The medication prevents pounding or a fast heartbeat that a person experiences when the blood sugar level falls. Other symptoms include sweating, hunger, dizziness etc. These are usually unaffected by the use of this drug. Most drugs may affect blood sugar levels and make it hard for an individual to control diabetes. 

Before initiating changing or stopping any medication, speak to your doctor. 

The best way of getting the medicine is from a local store or online retailer. You may get offers and Farxiga coupon code on the online platform. At times, you get discounts that make your purchase even more worthy. If you take the help of digital stores, it is far more convenient and economical in terms of time and money. You must consult your physician before taking the drug. 

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