Eye makeup safety tips for contact lens wearers

Updated on July 9, 2019

Makeup lovers need to be very cautious around their contact lenses. From knowing exactly which kind of makeup can set off an allergy in the eyes to which kind of brush you should use, this safety guide covers it all. 

Here are a few easy tips that you must remember – 

Order of application: 

No matter which lens you have, always wash your hands first. Use a lint-free towel to dry your hands completely and use an oil and fragrance-free soap.

Soft Contact Lenses: Always wear your soft contact lenses before you apply your makeup

Rigid Gas-Permeable Lenses: Wear your rigid gas-permeable lenses after you apply makeup

1. Mascara:  

Avoid lash-extension mascara as the fibers can land in your eye setting off an irritation. 

Avoid waterproof mascara as it is harder to remove and stain your soft contact lenses.

Avoid lumpy mascara. This can be a hazard if some particles make their way into your eyes.

Replace your mascara after 3 months without fail. Older tubes collect bacteria which can cause severe reactions in your eye. 

2. Eyeliner: 

Avoid the watermark of the eyelid when you apply eyeliner. This is too close to the eye and can easily stain your lenses and cause a reaction. 

You may want to match your Hidrocor quartzo lenses with the right eyeliner but be very careful so as to not poke your eye with the eyeliner wand.

3. Moisturizer and Lotions: 

Your eye moisturizer must be oil-free. If your hands have any residue of the moisturizer, make sure to wash it off first. Even if your hands are washed, soft contact lenses may soak up the oils from the moisturizer. So it’s best to avoid the oily moisturizers completely.

Avoid using eye lotions before you handle contacts. They can create a film on your lenses which in turn can lead to redness, itchiness or blurred vision.

4. Eyelash extensions/ False eyelashes: 

You may want to accentuate your colored lenses Hidrocor grafite by adding some false eyelashes. Don’t. False eyelashes can break off and land in your eye.   

5. Cream/Powder Based Makeup

Your eye make-up must be water-based and hypoallergenic. Cream makeup can leave a film on your lenses. 

Be careful while applying eyeshadow so that no particles fall into your eye causing irritation later on.

Pressed powder makeup is also considered to be generally safe. 

6. Wear daily lenses

Daily lenses can solve the problem of build-up and rid you of the stress of maintenance and caring for your lenses. All you need to do is make sure your lenses are clean and throw them out at the end of the day. For makeup wearers, daily disposables are the best option. 

7. Buy eye makeup lid wipes

There are special wipes that help you remove your eye makeup gently yet thoroughly. Wipe your eyes clean before you remove your lenses. And, also wash your hands after you use the wipe. 

Whether you are a hardcore makeup fan or wear makeup occasionally, remember to care for your eyes first and your lenses. Don’t compromise with eye safety for a day of glamorous makeup.

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