Expert Offers Practical Strategies to Engage Patients in Education

Updated on August 28, 2023

New STTI book presents a model that moves PFE to a central part of health system

Whether teaching a new mother how to nurse her neonate or instructing an adult living with hypertension, the individual’s health success is greatly impacted by the quality of patient and family health education (PFE). However, with differing standards and constantly changing protocols, nurses and hospital caregivers often struggle to find the best way to help patients and families develop the knowledge and skills needed for self-regulation of learning. 

Published by the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), Mastering Patient & Family Education: A Healthcare Handbook for Success, takes an innovative approach to helping nurses and other clinicians change the current paradigm and become active and accountable in education activities and the knowledge-transfer process. 

Written by Lori C. Marshall, PhD, MSN, RN, and a strong contributor team of global leaders in PFE, Mastering Patient & Family Education, focuses on creating a new standard where patient and family education is not only viewed in relation to specific diseases and conditions, but as a central part of a health system. 

“I believe PFE is the most critical component to long term health and well-being of people and communities. It is often the underfunded in organizations and given the little attention to planning and supporting across health systems. I want to change this and make an impact,” said Marshall. 

The tools and resources in this book will help nurses and healthcare professionals educate patients on how they can actively participate in their treatments and ultimately improve their outcome. 

A natural fit for STTI’s Mastering series, this book is a practical resource that provides replicable systems, tools, and outcomes models and examples for the reader to apply within their own setting. The content provides a broad, practical approach that appeals to the healthcare executive, the individual nurse, and the student nurse. 

The book is available at

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