Experiencing an ENT Disorder in Singapore? Consult Top ENT Clinic For Specialist advice on Ear, Nose, Throat & Neck Treatment

Updated on May 21, 2020

ENT medical conditions are more common than you might think. One fifth of all cases assessed by general practitioners are related to ENT conditions. The Singapore Cancer Registry too shows that head and neck cancer is on the incline with many new cases being reported annually. Nose and thyroid cancer are within the top 10 most common cancers in the Singaporean population. An annual check with a qualified, reputed ENT specialist would be wise to nip off any looming ENT conditions in the bud. With both adults and children being affected, choosing the right ENT physician or clinic is important. Patients need to make the appropriate choice in selecting an experienced ENT surgeon

How to choose the right ENT clinic?

Finding a best in care ENT clinic which performs specialised treatment for adults and children can be difficult. What makes The ENT Clinic stand out from other medical centers include:

  • Board Certified Doctors: The clinic has highly qualified board certified ENT specialists who are trained at leading medical programmes in the UK. with excellent skills to handle both minor and complex ENT cases referred. These doctors update their knowledge with the latest clinical practice and use of modern equipment to harmonise with evidence based clinical practices. 
  • Highly Experienced: Together with the qualifications, an experienced doctor has an edge over the others. You can walk in confidently to The ENT Clinic which has an established reputation.
  • State of the Art Facilities: Modern diagnostic tools and equipment will help in identifying ENT conditions at their initial stages. Going to an ENT practice which is suitably equipped with robotics, lasers and ultrasound in ENT can help the otorhinolaryngologist to provide a comprehensive diagnosis
  • Additional Benefits:  A private clinic located within a broader hospital setting facilitates access to an operating room. 
  • Quality of Care: Doctors with good interpersonal and communication skills offering the ability to communicate in multiple languages provides the patient with much needed comfort. The doctors at The ENT Clinic will help you understand your options making this practice a popular option for Singaporeans and expats alike. 

What are the common services offered at an ENT clinic?

  • Allergy Treatment: A very common condition among the young and old is allergies. The patient may come in with a blocked nose, sneezing or a runny nose. These symptoms can impact your daily routine. An ENT doctor helps in differentiating an allergy from a sinus issue. A simple blood test will help to  identify the allergens. The blocked nose could also be treated through nasal sprays and oral medication. If the nasal congestion is persisting your ENT Specialist might plan a  RFIT procedure (radiofrequency ablation of inferior turbinates ). In addition, a desensitisation therapy can help to calm the immune system against allergens on a more permanent basis.
  • Snoring Treatment: Obstructive Sleep Apnea affects the quality of sleep and is generally ignored. It is a serious condition which can reduce the supply of oxygen to the brain leading to life threatening conditions if left untreated. Signs may include loud snoring, tiredness in the daytime and poor sleep quality. There are many treatment options tailored to suit the patient based on expert opinion. Continuous positive airway pressure is one treatment. Corrective surgery is another option if there are any structural abnormalities needing correction. A mandibular advancement device too could also be considered.
  • Treatment for Hearing Loss: A loss in hearing can occur in children and adults. It can be due to impacted earwax, an infection, ruptured eardrum or a foreign body in the ear. If ear treatments are delayed it can lead to a loss in hearing which is why consulting an ENT specialist is important. An audiogram is a hearing test which can determine the level of hearing loss. Common treatment includes the use of hearing and cochlear implants. Surgeries to repair the eardrum and reconstruction of ear bones are also performed by an ENT surgeon.
  • Throat and Voice Therapy: A very common ENT emergency is Singapore is obstruction by fish bone in the throat. At times a fishbone can even perforate the lining of the throat which beyond the discomfort may also result in the spread of an infection. ENT clinics are equipped to perform surgeries to remove such foreign objects. A hoarse voice as well as the sensation of a lump when swallowing should not be considered minor as it may be a throat malignancy. An endoscopic examination by an ENT doctor will help to understand the condition better.
  • Paediatric ENT Treatment: Kids are very prone to ENT ailments. Pain in the ear along with fever is a frequent complaint which may be caused by an ear infection. Snoring and breathing problems are generally ignored by parents, but the underlying cause maybe something more serious requiring an ENT consultation. The ENT emergency department also sees paediatric patients who come with foreign particles swallowed or inserted in the ears, nose or throat. Sore throat and tonsillitis are also common ENT complaints in kids. Child safe and effective  treatments to suit the pediatric ENT patients are performed by specialised doctors who understand the sensitivities and needs of children.

Advanced technology and devices are used to treat ENT conditions in Singapore. If you face any ENT related conditions, consult a qualified ENT specialist who would put you at ease. Based on our own research, The ENT Clinic Singapore is among the best. You can also visit their website https://www.entclinic.sg for more details. 

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