Expected Increase in Patient Volume Drives TeleTracking Sales

Updated on August 28, 2023

Better Capacity Management Seen as a Key to Health Reform Financial Challenges for Hospitals

TeleTracking Technologies continued to expand its lead in the hospital capacity management market during the second quarter of 2011, spurred by 14 new hospital contracts for its category-leading TransferCenterTM referral automation software, which has become the fastest selling application in its product portfolio.

A key to TransferCenterTM popularity is its ability to integrate with TeleTracking’s Capacity Management SuiteTM, the industry standard in automated patient flow. This integration optimizes the efficiency of the referral process enterprise-wide. In fact, three of the new agreements, with St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Ohio Health and Capital Health, incorporate TeleTracking’s Capacity Management SuiteTM and TransferCenterTM applications across multiples campuses.

CEO Anthony Sanzo, a former health system chief executive, attributed overall sales growth to the pressure of Federal health reform measures, including health insurance coverage to an additional 30-40 million Americans.

“Combined with the aging Baby Boom generation,” Sanzo said, “the newly insured will create an influx of millions of individuals who will stress the U.S. healthcare system like never before.”

Sanzo said hospital executives are turning to automation technology, rather than construction, to find the additional capacity to handle the expected volume increases.
“The quickest, most cost-effective way to gain additional capacity is to make better use of what is already there, and TeleTracking provides the software technology and expert analysis which accomplishes this.”

TeleTracking is now developing a real-time enterprise capacity management system that combines the best Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) and flow technologies available to deliver optimal real-time management of the entire physical enterprise, including every patient, employee and device movement. It will feature a patented new generation of Infrared and 900 MHz active RF technology which provides unprecedented accuracy (zone, room bay) with the precision to match a patient to an asset or staff resource, while eliminating the need for human intervention to trigger steps in a workflow process. When combined with the world’s leading patient flow and reporting solutions, it will provide a “moving picture” of the operation which will allow hospital executives and managers to maximize existing capacity and reduce costs by constantly monitoring and instantly analyzing the root causes of process delays and wait times, then eliminating them.

“Our mission for the past two decades has always been to improve the physical operations of the hospital enterprise,” Sanzo said. “By combining these technologies, we’ll provide clients with what is needed for core asset management and patient flow optimization from a single, proven vendor.”

About TeleTracking
For over two decades, TeleTracking Technologies, the world leader in automated patient flow, has applied proven principles of logistics management to hospitals and health systems to enhance patient care, improve financial performance and gain competitive advantage. Its industry-leading software and consulting services create an enterprise-wide platform, or “operational backbone,” that connects patient flow to patient care for better outcomes. TeleTracking solutions reduce overcrowding, cut costs, generate revenue, fight the spread of infection, manage assets, accelerate patient transfers and provide a wealth of data for continual operational improvement and business development. It provides process planning and patient flow redesign through its consulting division, Avanti Patient Flow Services, and real-time asset and patient tracking through its TeleTracking RTLS Division.

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