Everything you need to know about international health management course

Updated on February 16, 2021

International health management is a unique programme designed to prepare students to embark upon a management career related to the global healthcare industry. This blog will allow you to learn about the masters in the international health management programme and understand how this course can transform you into a healthcare manager.

Opting for this programme will let you get introduced to the internationally recognised research on health management. You will also gain an overview of the different health systems and their implication in a global context. You can expect your fellow peers to be a mix of experienced healthcare professionals and recent graduates from all over the world, providing you with a truly international outlook.

The course content blends in relevant management skills and the contemporary aspects of healthcare. This is crucial for managing in complex health systems and turbulent environments, which you may face in developing and developed countries.

There is a careful balance of teaching through case study methodology and learning based on individual and group discussions. By completing this course you can be sure to possess analytical, conceptual and problem-solving abilities related to real-time situations. Take a look at the following subjects that are core to every international health management programme.

  • Accounting – This deals with the bookkeeping, auditing, budgeting, internal accounting and managing finances. You will learn to balance the financial records of private care facilities, hospitals and health insurance companies.
  • Business Plan Competition – Through this you will learn to search for enterprising and innovative ideas, overcoming challenges that you may encounter when taking up a new service.
  • Contemporary Topics in Health Policy – This involves the financial coverage for medical expenses borne by the individual who has the insurance. You will get hands-on training on preparing contracts between the policyholder and insurer.
  • Global Healthcare Marketing – This will give you an overall idea about outsourcing market size. Such reports give insight into the market size, equity, investment, stock and total price analysis.
  • Health Informatics − This subject is an intersection of health care, computer science and information science. This field deals with the devices, resources, and protocols required to optimise the collection, storing retrieval, and application of the information in biomedicine and health.
  • Health Systems, Policy and Financing – This section is concerned with the processing of money to cover the health needs of individuals.

Before applying to the programme candidates are expected to get familiarised with the whereabouts of the healthcare system. This to add strength to the basic knowledge of healthcare which will be discussed at large throughout the upcoming semesters. The modules focus will begin with the basic principles of management, moving on to the intricacies involved with the management of healthcare.

Studying international health management in Berlin will give you the opportunity to work on professional projects. This will facilitate the broadening of your practical understanding and expertise in working in the healthcare sector. Reach out to us today to know more about this prestigious postgraduate qualification.

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