Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Bikes

Updated on June 13, 2019

Both road bikes and mountain bikes are required for different purposes, but it is inconvenient to purchase and maintain two different cycles. Commuters do not need to worry because now there is a bike that is combined with the features of both road and mountain bikes. The hardy, fast and comfortable hybrid bikes are gaining popularity among commuters due to its convenience both on-road and off-road.

Features of road bikes that are added to hybrid bikes are:

·         Lighter rims: It helps a commuter to ride the bike faster.

·         Lighter components and taller gearing: These help the rider to go faster.

Features coming from mountain bikes to hybrid bikes are –

·         A stouter frame: It can support more weight of the rider and the goods. Moreover, it helps the commuter to keep the bike steady while facing a pothole on the road.

·         A more upright frame: It provides the rider with a riding position that is more comfortable.

·         Slightly wider tires: The bike gets more stability and better traction.

Combining all the features, hybrid bikes are made the best possible way so you can have a safe ride. These are some of the hybrid bike components and their characteristics –

·         Gears: Hybrid bikes have a vast range of gears that let the rider go fast both uphill and downhills. This gearing set-up is more like road bikes than mountain bikes. Generally, there is a couple of chainrings in the crank assembly of a hybrid bike. At the back, the cassette on the rear wheel is combined with about nine gears. Around sixteen to seventeen gear combinations in hybrid bikes can meet every requirement of any rider.

·         Handlebars: Going straight out of the stem, the hybrid bike handlebars are flat, similar to a mountain bike. Riders can sit straight in a better position with the wider grip of the handlebars. It provides better control and a better vision of the road than road bikes.

·         Pedals: Hybrid bikes are generally equipped with platform pedals that are greatly useful when the riders prefer to put their feet down. There are also several options to choose from toe clips and clipless pedals for more advanced riders. These pedals secure the cleated shoes of the riders to the pedals. When people are riding bikes in traffic, then many situations arrive when they need to stop. So, they need to be very comfortable while handling the bike, and pedals play a very important role in this purpose.

·         Frame: Hybrid bike frames are mostly made of steel or aluminum. These metals are preferred due to their lightweight, durability and strength. Moreover, these materials are available at a lower price than alternate options.

·         Accessories: While riding a bike in town, you need to be self-sufficient. Hybrid bikes are combined with various accessories to meet this requirement, such as tool bag, cyclocomputer, a frame pump, cage and water bottle.

Tips for purchasing the right hybrid bike

Before you buy a hybrid bike, there are three things that you need to keep in mind:

·         Riding position: The design of the hybrid bike must allow you to sit properly so you have the ultimate control on the bike. Moreover, it is very important to provide you a posture so that you do not have to suffer from strain on your neck and back.

·         Decent components: Make sure that your bike is combined with the best-quality components. These are the parts that will ensure a long life to your bike and offer great riding experience.

·         Convenient accessories: Apart from the basic accessories, you may need some more to make your trip easier like locks, lights and racks. Sometimes they come with the bikes as built-in features. If not, add them to your bike before purchasing it.

Whether you use hybrid bikes for going to school or work, having the right one will help all your trips safe, comfortable, fast, and easy.

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