Everything You Need to Know About Health Screening in Singapore

Updated on January 7, 2021

People are prone to a wide variety of diseases and illnesses. Although new diseases constantly emerge due to changes in our daily lives and habits, we, fortunately, have medical facilities that are more advanced than ever.  Despite advanced developments, there are diseases like cancer and HIV that do not have a permanent cure. However, one of the most useful breakthroughs in the medical field has to be the emergence of health screenings. 

Health screenings in Singapore have the potential to detect disease early so that intervention and treatment done as soon as possible. 

What is a health screening in Singapore? 

In simple terms, health screening in Singapore is a method of early detection and treatment of diseases. They include a series of tests that will be done by your doctor to look for abnormalities in various categories specifically. 

It has been shown that there are significant numbers of people walking around with problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes without even realizing it. These are serious conditions as they can lead to life-threatening situations, such as heart attacks and strokes, which, as a result, can lead to paralysis or death. 

In a health screening, several exams are usually done, ranging from ultrasounds to treadmill ECG tests. You can also look at gender-specific tests such as mammograms and testicular exams. 

Who should go and when? 

Some health complications occur in people as they age. However, health checks are not intended for the elderly or the sick per se. In fact, it is more important for perfectly healthy people who do not show any symptoms of diseases to have themselves checked regularly. This is to ensure that all dormant problems be resolved or at least brought to light. 

How do I get access to health screenings? 

Health examinations are largely a necessary measure in companies today. Employers are beginning to realize that workers who have undetected diseases are not only unproductive but also run the risk of losing their health. To combat both of these issues, many companies cover health checkups under their insurance policy. This has been widely successful and it has been reported that the productivity of employees, as well as their motivation, has increased with these benefits. 

How do I get started?

The whole point of any health screening in Singapore is that you can identify potential problems early on. Before the screening in Singapore, find out which tests you want to get screened for to include in your package. If you are not satisfied with the packages offered, consult your doctor to get a specific screening test done together with the rest of the screenings. 

A good starting point would be referrals from others as they can also advise you on what the procedure looks like, especially if it’s your first time.

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