Free Webinar on Evaluating Your Anesthesia Program

The Anesthesia Department is universally recognized as an essential partner in the smooth operation of every hospital OR.  An under-performing anesthesia program can have negative effects on OR efficiency, profitability and patient satisfaction.   The decision to change anesthesia providers is a significant one, requiring careful consideration.  A clear understanding of the process, as well how to identify a high-performing anesthesia organization, is essential to making a successful change.

Somnia Anesthesia invites you to attend a free Webinar on June 14 at 2:15pm EST to learn how to evaluate your anesthesia program and what to expect when transitioning to a new provider in your hospital. Sponsored by Somnia Anesthesia, this Webinar will provide concrete examples of how a change in anesthesia provider can result in a higher-performing OR, lower subsidy and improved hospital-physician relationships.

Speakers: Robert Goldstein, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Somnia Anesthesia; Thomas Schares, MD, Chief of Anesthesia, Desert Regional Medical Center; and Robert Cunnah, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Desert Regional Medical Center

Who should attend?

CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, VP of Operating Room or anyone else at your hospital or ASC responsible for clinical services or OR management.

Webinar Registration:

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