Essential Chiropractic Equipment You Should Have

Updated on September 25, 2019

If you’re new to chiropractic care, the specific equipment used to relieve your patient’s pain might interest you. There’s no question that the most significant chiropractic instruments are the hands of the skilled practitioner. When correcting a client’s spine, however, chiropractic devices help a chiropractor perform their tasks more effectively. 

From specially engineered tables to devices that assist the rehabilitation process, a credible chiropractor uses more than touch to treat patients. 

Here’s a list of the five most essential chiropractic equipment for sale you might want to check to make sure that you have the essentials.

Chiropractic Tables

This popular table of chiropractors has diverse and specialized uses. Different types can be used to re-align particular body parts, depending on the patient’s needs. The most widely used are drop tables that rely on both the chiropractor’s methods and the client’s weight to adjust. 

TENS Machine

Chiropractors use the TENS machine to invigorate muscles and nerves throughout the body. This apparatus allows the body to loosen up, helping the chiropractor move the joints and the frame around rather easily. TENS is a battery-powered, compact, and portable muscle stimulation device that also regulates physical pain. 

The device also enables clients to manage soreness using distinct electromagnetic current levels and is used in the treatment of patients with chronic and extreme pain.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound can be found in chiropractic equipment for sale. Ultrasound can be applied to the target area by deep heat therapy to stimulate soft tissues and eliminate pain and fatigue rapidly. Ultrasound therapy can help patients with lower back pain and encourage rehabilitation by improving blood circulation. It also decreases swelling, inflammatory responses, and muscular contractions.

Cold Laser

Cold lasers are portable instruments used among chiropractors held directly over an injury for several minutes based on the size of the area that requires treatment and the dose delivered.

Non-thermal photons of light released through the surface of the skin are about 2 to 5 cm thick, and once light energy enters the impacted region, it integrates with the light-sensitive components within the cell. Once cells receive this light energy, they activate a chain reaction throughout themselves that assists in the regeneration of injured tissue. 

It also helps lessen inflammation and pain by enhancing intracellular metabolism.

Activator Adjusting Tool

Chiropractors use activator-adjusting instruments to push on the patient’s back gently. It is a portable and hand-held instrument used in readjusting the vertebra that assists the practitioner to push the back to its location and stabilize it. It also includes a spring-loaded tool for executing gentle taps. Alternatively, chiropractors also use a tiny mallet for this purpose.

As more and more chiropractors using instruments like these and other supplementary facilities, patients are expected to profit from chiropractic care more than ever. 

Chiropractors often suggest incorporating these and other tools to their treatments, but clients should also ask how these will help their specific cases. When you’re reviewing other chiropractic treatments, and you’re interested in knowing about the equipment they are using, don’t hesitate to ask!

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