Enjoy a Long Time in Bed: Say No to Premature Ejaculation

Updated on January 24, 2020

Being concerned about sexual troubles and letting stress get to you is not a very nice feeling. Especially when society at times fails to understand the concerns and issues faced by men in a relationship and only thinks that women have sexual problems, it becomes difficult for men to talk about it in the open.

However, don’t worry if you’re facing the problem of premature ejaculation and don’t want to get immediate medical attention, home-made remedies can help you enjoy a long time in bed, allowing you to get some relief.

1) Go for Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatments are not just created with naturally found herbs and leaves but also come along without any side-effects. It will prove to be a relief for any form of erectile dysfunction and also regulate hormone levels and improves circulation. With this, you can spend longer times in bed and regular doses from an efficient ayurvedic sexologist can lead to better sexual performance.

2) Look into China

Chinese culture is also known for its medicine, especially herbal items like Qilin pills that cure sexual trouble. Qilin pills or Yimusake tablets are known to increase ejaculation time, boost stamina in men and improve body energy levels.

3) Go easy with creams

If one is unwilling to opt for any medicines consumption, external creams can also be helpful. Anesthetic creams with numbing agents can delay climax and hence help in resisting premature ejaculation. Even though they bring a mild burning sensation as a side effect, topical creams are easier to procure and might bring in quicker results as compared to herbal treatments. Another option is going for a spray instead, a Lidocaine spray that reduces hypersensitivity in men, allowing lower penile activity and hence fighting premature ejaculation.

4) Consuming the right food

A strong and nutrition-packed diet is a must to sustain your body during sex. Consuming high amounts of zinc via supplements or vegetables can increase testosterone levels and boost energy. Moreover, consuming items like oysters, carrots, chilli peppers, almonds, garlic, and dark chocolate are known to increase libido and decrease sexual trouble.

5) Exercise your way to a cure

It has also been noticed that doing pelvic floor exercises, which strengthen muscles via contraction and relaxation techniques can help you control your climax time. Only focusing on the pelvic area and continuing exercise for a considerable period of time can help you reduce premature ejaculation. Exercises like Kegel exercises can also be added to the routine.

6) Control your time

If nothing seems to be working, control techniques during sexual activity can also work in your favour. Buy a control condom that helps to decrease your climax time. These condoms come with thicker latex or the same numbing agent as in creams that limit your penile sensation.

Moreover, using your partner’s help for stop-start techniques where you stop once you are close to ejaculation and resume after thigs settle or for pause-squeeze techniques where your partner helps you to cut down on your climax vibes.

7) Knock on a doctor’s door

Many times it might be a severe case and the home-made remedies might fail to show any results. Especially for young men, it becomes crucial to consult a sexologist about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation related issues.

A sexologist not only listens to your problems but looks at both physical and psychological reasons behind sexual issues and prescribes medicines accordingly. Infact, if you don’t want allopathic medicines, homeopathy or ayurvedic solution can also be considered.

8) Seek some counsel

Being in a relationship isn’t easy and being an adult is definitely not easy. Talking to a mental health provider can not only ease your stress levels but also allow you to figure out if there is any psychological barrier that is leading to the problem.

Sexual issues cause problems between partners and can often be eliminated by sex therapy or reducing depression and anxiety levels. The impact of mental issues is often undermined in sexual trouble. Time in bed should be fun and if anything hinders that, it ruins your mood for the entire day and future efforts. Thus, it’s best to seek some counselling sessions, so that you reckon the root cause of the trouble and can mutually work towards eradicating it.

Don’t shy away!

Don’t let sexual problems control you or get to you, especially when there are so many possible options for treatment. Be it home care, external help or meeting experts, pick the option that makes you most comfortable and seek proper treatment.

Both partners in a relationship should be supportive of each other during such times and work towards a solution. Visit the doctor with your partner, ask for help whenever needed and try as many home remedies as you can. Ensure that you still connect with each other, spend quality time together and not let sexual issues creep in between your happily-ever-after!

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