Eight Tips to Increase Internet Speed on Your Mobile Phone

Updated on March 31, 2023

Everyone knows that the world is becoming mobile-friendly more than ever. As time passes, mobile phones are becoming interchangeable with the internet. It allows us to interact with the world, anywhere and everywhere. The Internet has become a basic need. From online shopping to online bookings, and online studies to ordering online food, it’s all happening online. 

There is no doubt that we need it every time and every day. So if the internet gets slow or sluggish, especially when you are watching a movie on Netflix or playing online multi-player games, it becomes the worst experience ever.  First, you need a high-speed internet connection like Suddenlink, and if you still face issues due to any reason, we have some simple tips that you can follow. 

So do not worry. You can speed up your internet by following a few simple tips we have rounded off. This guide will show you tips to speed up your mobile internet speed. Without any delay. Let us dig into these tips. 

Shut down Background Apps

Do you ever think about where all of your mobile data goes even if you don’t use applications frequently? The more internet it consumes and the slower your internet is, the more apps you run in your phone’s background. You should avoid using background apps. Having 10 background apps open will lower your network bandwidth. Close them all if you aren’t using them to increase internet speed.

Clear your cache data

If the cache memory fills up, your mobile phone’s typical performance will be slowed down. Your phone’s internet speed will increase after clearing the cache. The best way to do that is to delete all search history. Usually, you can complete the process from the settings or the internet icon itself after searching for step-by-step instructions for your specific phone. Make sure you daily clear the cache on your phone to maximize efficiency and attain the fastest possible internet speed.

Delete  unused apps

Almost everyone has those apps on their phones that they don’t use. It consumes space and slows down your phone. Unused apps impact the performance of your smartphone. They use up both RAM and storage. Furthermore, it affects smartphone functionality and internet speed might be affected by unused apps.  You should delete any unused applications from your phone to make it operate quicker and also it will save some storage. 

Block Ads

Popup ads have become a major problem in this internet age. Phones are no exception. Pop-ups can slow down your internet connection speed when they invade a space. When you are browsing, ads pop up that slow down your internet speed. A pop-up blocker will often include links and images, that slow down page loading speeds. They can sometimes consume more data than the webpage itself. 

A pop-up blocker can be downloaded to stop advertisements from being displayed. This will allow your browser to load your original website. With an ad-blocking mobile app, you will be able to block ads and it will make your browsing experience faster and smoother. You can find a variety of ad-blocking apps in the Play Stores. Keep only the most effective one, and you’ll continue to use it to block unnecessary apps from blocking your phone.

Data speed booster

There are mixed reviews about data speed booster apps. Data speed booster apps are a good option if none of these options work. To increase the speed of the internet and the loading of each browser, it allows your phone to download as much data as possible from each site. There are many data boosters available for both Android and iOS.

Enable Browser Text Mode

Many browsers have a text-based mode that makes websites easier to read. You can enable text mode if the search you are doing on your phone does not require you to view pictures. It greatly speeds up the speed at which websites download. 

You can speed up website loading times by switching to the reader mode in your browser. This will allow you to not load many of the graphical elements or other resource-heavy elements.

App that Increases Speed

You can also take help from apps and download them to increase your internet speed. Many apps are available for smartphones that can boost your internet speed when it is slow. Unlike other apps, these apps help maintain your internet connection without draining bandwidth.

Different browsers

Different apps work well on different phones and vice versa. It may take some time to narrow down the options, but you might consider using a different browser for your particular phone. There are many internet browsers available. Some are more efficient than others and work faster than others.


No need to worry about accessing websites and apps that require an internet connection. You can improve your phone’s internet speed by following the above-mentioned tips. Follow the guide and fix slow internet speeds on your phone so you can navigate the web quickly. 



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