Effects of Sleeping After Eating On Health

How many time have you felt tired immediately having good food? But, did you ever realize the body process behind this strange urge to sleep? It happens due to digestions process. Once your stomach is full, the body is all set up to start its digestion process which consumes all your energy for the next couple of hours. Making you feel sleepy and lethargic. This laziness is temporary and does not harm your health. 

Is sleep after eating is good or bad? Is one of the most asked queries for ages but till date, there is no concrete explanation for this.

However, sleeping is not recommended when it comes to good health. The right position for the digestion process is upfront not lying. Therefore, you must not go to sleep after having good food.

A body needs nutrition to stay healthy hence cutting down your diet is not the right thing to do. In fact, you must eat healthy food which can get easily digested by your digestive system. There are several health problems if you are addicted to sleeping instantly after you eat. Let’s find out the sleep effects on health immediately after lunch or dinner.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

In order to function properly, your body needs to digest the food correctly and extract all the healthy minerals from it. Sleeping position is not much help to your digestion process. Therefore, Many doctors commonly recommend walking after having a heavy meal. 

Reflux disease happens when the stomach acid and stuff move upwards into your esophagus. Due to which, an itchy and burning sensation emerges within your throat and chest. This can be dangerous if caution is not taken properly.

Loss of Sleep Quality 

This might sound a little strange but its true. Immediate sleep does not do any to your health. In reality, it harms your sleep quality. The sleep depreciation is one of the common problem caused by instant sleep habit after a meal.

Gaining Weight

Weight is directly related to the amount of calorie you gain throughout the daily task. You must burn more calories than you gain before going to bed. Once your calorie is absorbed by the body, it becomes difficult to lose it back. Usually, it takes six to eight hours to digest your food completely so, you have enough time to burn down your food calorie before going to rest.

However, weight gain is not necessarily affected by your immediate sleep habit. It just slows down the digestion process letting your body to utilize more energy.

Exactly how many hours prior to sleep eating should be stopped? 

Whenever there is any debate on sleeping after eating topic. People get curious to know the exact time to stop eating before heading to sleep. The correct answer is two to four hours. This is enough time to complete the initial digestion stages reducing above health risk.

In the End

You have come to know the real facts related to eating and sleeping effects on human health. Most health problems start with stomach or digestion problems hence you must not take it lightly. Your health is your real wealth therefore, you must take care of it. Sleep is boon to humanity since it is the natural and most effective healer. Anything in excess or wrong time can risk your health. Hence turn your bad habit into good to enjoy your life without any health trouble.