ED Is Easier Than Ever to Manage

Updated on August 14, 2020

Achieving an erection naturally boosts a man’s confidence in the later stages of life. But the stigma surrounding the issue is nothing to worry about anymore. With today’s advancements in ED medicine, overcoming such problems is relatively easy. As long as you get the right recommended dosage for your unique condition.

The Chances to Get ED

The majority of men who suffer from ED are over 40. Most cases of ED are in men well in their 50s and 60s, or over. Yet this isn’t a condition that only plagues older males. It can happen naturally at earlier stages in life, as it can also be caused by injury or illness.

Luckily, not all men that have ED have permanent ED. For some, this is an episodic occurrence triggered by various stress and psychological factors. Or in other cases, because of various environmental factors.

There’s no genetic marker that shows a predisposition to this illness. Therefore, it’s hard to say who can get it. What is known is that abusing certain substances can definitely trigger frequent ED episodes.

Environmental Factors That Lead to ED

Maintaining an erection becomes increasingly hard if one abuses alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. Those working in highly stressful environments are prone to anxiety, fatigue, and depression – all leading causes of erectile dysfunction.

Many of these factors can also lead to low testosterone levels. This doesn’t just contribute to ED but also to a complete lack of sexual drive and can affect more than just intimate relationships.

Prevention Methods

The number one prevention method is living a healthy life. Cutting out various vices and substances from your diet and taking up physical exercises. But prevention methods only go so far in helping you avoid suffering from ED.

There are still many unknowns regarding human genetics that prevent doctors from seeing the full picture. You can live the healthiest life you can and still eventually suffer with ED. Whether your circulation is perfect or not.

Of course, doing as much as you can, early on, still helps. Or at least it decreases the chances of the condition developing at an early age. Furthermore, it may prevent you from getting permanent ED which is more difficult to deal with.

As safe as many of today’s treatments and pills are, none are recommended for long periods of time. Yet if you’re only dealing with episodic ED occurrences, taking pills that help you get an erection may not be harmful to you.

How to Get Treatment for ED

Most ED treatments require the use of pills. The potency of the pills depends on how serious the problem is, as well as other medical conditions the patient has. Yet it’s not always mandatory to go see a GP in order to get an ED treatment prescription.

It’s true that some medication can be released without prescription. But today, you can get your prescription from online pharmacies too, thus avoiding awkward conversations.

You can fill an online form detailing your symptoms and other illnesses you may have. Then you can receive a recommendation for a type of ED pill that’s best suited to your needs.

Popular ED Pills

While Viagra and Cialis are definitely the two most popular pills that help with this condition, they’re not the only ones on the market. You can also use Tadalafil tablets and Sildenafil.

Sildenafil, in fact, is known as generic Viagra as it shares the same main active ingredient. It also comes in a higher concentration and may be better suited for advanced cases of ED.

Tadalafil is the main active ingredient in Cialis, or generic Cialis. Although both medications provide the same end result, they work differently and it’s important you understand how.

The main difference is how long they last. With Cialis, the effect can last up to 18 hours. In the case of Viagra, it only stays in the system for up to six hours.

Both PDE5 inhibitors are used to manage impotence. Yet Viagra, which contains Sildenafil gets absorbed faster into the body. Hence the reason you should take it before engaging in sexual activity, up to one hour prior.

The maximum doses between the two substances also differ. Some men may need up to 100mg of Sildenafil to get an erection. With Taladafil 10-30mg may be more than enough. Again, completing a form should help figure out the right dosage.

Don’t Get Your Medicine from Sketchy Places

If you don’t fancy a trip to the doctor for a consultation and prescription, there are ways to procure ED medication online with a certain degree of anonymity. Just make sure that you’re honest about what other problems you may have and other medication you’re taking. Don’t forget that while ED pills can help, they also have counter indications and some side-effects.

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