Easy Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Risks During COVID-19

Updated on April 13, 2021

For over a year, the threat presented by the novel coronavirus has upended the daily lives of millions. Although the recent vaccine rollout is a sign that the end may finally be near, it’s important to remember that we’re not quite out of the woods yet. While this period may very well represent the homestretch of this unprecedented pandemic, it’s still recommended that you avoid taking unnecessary risks until we’re given the all-clear. Anyone looking to minimize their risk of exposure while seeing this crisis through to the end should heed the following pointers.

Take Advantage of Virtual Doctor Visits 

Going to the doctor during a pandemic carries a fair number of risks. Even though many doctors’ offices are providing patients with masks and other PPE and taking their temperatures at the door, this simply isn’t enough to prevent every COVID-positive individual from entering. If you’re immunocompromised, exhibiting COVID symptoms or uneasy about seeing your doctor at the present time, consider seeking medical advice virtually. Convenient services like Everyday Doctor can be a boon to anyone looking to receive medical expertise without placing their health at risk.     

Utilize No-Contact Pickup Options 

Although the active threat of COVID-19 has facilitated the need to limit the amount of time spent away from home, certain errands are unavoidable. For example, there’s simply no way around purchasing groceries or having to replace essential appliances that suffer sudden breakdowns. However, this isn’t to say that carrying out such tasks needs to entail going inside crowded businesses. In the interest of keeping patrons safe, many businesses now offer convenient no-contact pickup options. After you’ve placed an order online and selected your desired pickup date and time, you’ll be able to pull into the parking lot and have your purchases brought to your car. 

Although the exact details vary from store to store, many businesses provide this service free of charge. So, if perceived cost has prevented you from taking advantage of no-contact pickup options in the past, check the websites of your favorite stores for details. You may be surprised to discover that this won’t cost you a penny. In fact, many of us are enjoying this new method of shopping so much, it’s likely to remain commonplace even after the pandemic is behind us.

Don’t Interact with Unmasked Individuals 

When dealing with an airborne virus like COVID-19, donning a protective mask is the absolute least you can do to keep yourself and the people with whom you interact safe. Unfortunately, a staggering number of Americans haven’t gotten the memo. Whether it’s because they resent being told what to do, are embracing dangerous misinformation or simply don’t care about being socially responsible, many people have no qualms about ignoring mask mandates. While you may not be able to control their behavior, you can at least take measures to prevent their destructive choices from affecting you.  

With this in mind, keep a wide berth between yourself and any unmasked individuals you come across throughout the course of your daily life. If you spot mask-less patrons in a store with a mask policy – or anywhere in a state with a mask mandate – bring this to the attention of a manager, since attempting to confront these individuals on your own is liable to create conflict and place your health at risk. Furthermore, if any coworkers or regular faces at your workplace refuse to wear masks – or to wear them properly – make sure to alert someone who can set them straight. You’re already placing yourself at risk by reporting to work during an active pandemic, and the last thing you need is someone else’s unsafe behavior compounding that risk.  

It can’t be denied that the past year has been a trying time. With the exception of centurions, no one on Earth had lived through a pandemic of this magnitude until now. For the most part, we’ve all been trying navigate uncharted waters. While some of us have taken every conceivable precaution throughout this period, a fair number of people have put themselves – and others – at risk at every turn. With millions of vaccine doses being distributed daily, there’s certainly cause for hope, but it does not mean the pandemic is over. As such, until we’ve officially given the all-clear, it’s imperative that you continue to avoid taking unnecessary risks.     

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