Easy Pilates modifications to help you get rid of the pain

Updated on March 19, 2019

According to physical trainers and experts, Pilates is for everyone. There is no right way of performing Pilates, and you can modify all of the exercises to suit your need. You can modify them to make them easier or more challenging the choice is entirely up to you.

At Tensegrity Pilates, you can learn about the common ways to perform and modify your exercise regimen according to your requirement. In the following sections of the article, we have compiled a list of 5 unique tips to modify the exercise regimen which will help you get rid of the pain.  

Let us have a look!

For the tight hamstrings

When you perform the Saw and Spine Stretch your legs are extended along the mat while you are sitting in an upright position. To maintain this posture for a long time can be very problematic. If you perform this exercise even when you are feeling uncomfortable, you will end up with tight hamstrings.

Modification to go for

You can sit on a folded towel, a cushion or the folded end of your mat. This will allow you to keep your legs straight and you can still continue the workout as efficiently as possible without damaging your hamstring and the flexibility. 

For the neck strain

There are various exercises where you will be required to hold your head up unsupported from the floor. This will cause you to experience tension in the neck muscles which just means you have weak neck muscles

Modification to go for

You can place one hand behind the head to support the weight. Change hands halfway through your exercise and support your neck all the way through as you continue your workout.

For the lower back ache

As long as your core and abdominal muscles do not build up adequate strength, you will keep experiencing pain and discomfort in these areas. It takes a long time to build up endurance.

Modification to go for

You have to be aware as soon as you feel there is a change in posture while performing the exercises. You can bring the legs back to a less challenging position or lift them higher to stop hurting your lower back.

For the wrist pain

Exercises on the plank or the 4-point kneeling might make your wrists sore, and there are modifications for this as well.

Modification to go for

You can make a fist and place the knuckles on the ground when you are not working with weights. For planks, you can support your weight on your forearms and elbows to avoid hurting the wrist.

For the knee pain

Some individuals might experience knee pain when they are deeply bent or flexed. There are a few modifications that you can go for so you can avoid this discomfort.

Modification to go for

You can place a rolled-up towel or an air-filled ball under the seat when you are performing exercises like the rest position which will keep your bottom up off the heels. This will reduce the tension due to the flexion of the knees.

These are some simple modifications that you can go for to reduce the pain and stress while performing Pilates. Always work with your instructor and understand your body before increasing the workout load.

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