Drug Free Options for Premature Ejaculation That You Might Be Pleasantly Surprised By

Updated on March 10, 2022

What a time to be alive! The social and moral stigmas which used to feature so heavily regarding pleasure and in particular, self-pleasure are a thing of the past in mainstream culture. So long as it’s within the law, and you aren’t doing it in public, playing with yourself is not only recognized as a simple and effective stress-buster, it’s physically and mentally good for you too! It still might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the figures speak for themselves, with majority of males and a significant number of females admitting to engaging in self-pleasure, or masturbation on a regular basis, many up into their 70s and 80s!

The modern male is spoiled for choice when it comes to extending solo pleasure beyond his own hand, which, by the way, is still the preferred method, but modern retail trends could soon see this changing, with many males seeking a more realistic, lifelike experience that extends beyond customized palmistry and a strong imagination. Most males start exploring and masturbating regularly in their teens, during and sometime before puberty, when those hormones are at their peak. The same hormones that govern sexual development and the procreative urge can foster intense feelings of a need for acceptance, and the greater need for competition. In short, it’s often when males, fueled by their hormones, want to be the best, the biggest, the fastest, the strongest, etc. etc. This can present a major problem, with frequent and sometimes constant solo pleasuring creating a Frankenstein effect of premature response through over stimulation. The quick fap or sly busting of the proverbial ‘nut’ between other life tasks can set the individual on a crash course with disappointment and confusion when they experience real life sex.

Even though the exact root cause of premature ejaculation might seem unknown, or that after so many months or years of steering one’s own ship, mastering the rudder, sails and spray of the seas of personal satisfaction, that one would truly be, master and commander of his own ship. Actually, the case is that up to 30% of all men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, with a greater proportion seeing it impact their relationships with others, as well as their own self-esteem. But the great new is this: The same patterns of behavior that might cause a premature response in so many males, can be the very same behaviors used to correct them. Using a male masturbator accessory to stop, start, then stop again, or edge; to the point where a male can go beyond his usual point of climax, is an excellent and most enjoyable way of reclaiming the helm, pardon the pun.

In fact, most of the five most common methods for overcoming PE (that don’t include medications by the way), are inherent in a masturbator like a blow up doll. The edging/re-training techniques of squeeze, stop-start and diminished direct stimulation can all be achieved without changing much at all, except by introducing a fun and often very sexy accessory that can be enjoyed solo, or easily incorporated into couples play, helping the male and his partner (literally) work through the issue together.

Bulky, indiscreet and cumbersome male masturbators do have their place within the solo and shared pleasure. But, in truth, nothing beats a compact, discreet and totally personal accessory that can slip into the pocket of the jacket, fanny pack or gym bag; something to be taken when working away, traveling or spending time away from home for whatever reason. The pocket pussy can be deployed for action in a heartbeat, in complete privacy, and turn a regular, usually frantic and rushed attempt at trying to balance pleasure with climax, into an extended, enjoyable and constructive exercise that sees the individual well on the way to personal and sexual mastery, one stroke at a time.

A pocket pussy (or discreet, personal male re-training device as some might prefer to call it), is something that leaves the prospective user with as many choices as there are varieties of anything of a sexual nature in the marketplace. This is a great thing though, and not something to get bogged down in. It really is a user’s market out there, with so many to choose from, in a universe of colors, shapes, hair/no hair, squeezy, firm, vibrating and non-vibrating… there’s really no limit to the optional aesthetic choices one can make when choosing a visually stunning as well as discreetly practical pocket pussy. The key point is in how one chooses to benefit from its use. If the same smash and grab approach is taken with a pocket pussy as with regular masturbation, there may well be similar results.

If you’re experiencing PE (premature ejaculation), or would simply like to up your ‘go-time’ in the bedroom or on your own, as well as adding some serious spice to the often routine mechanics of the male perfunctory reflex to the slightest hint of eroticism or a stray, scantily clad thought, spare a thought for the pocket pussy. Here, the aid it might render and assist in potential for greater arousal, stamina, harness, and of course those blessed and incredible… when you want them and not twelve seconds into it… voluminous and ecstatic ejaculations!

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