Dolma Pearl

The story of dolma jewelry began in a market in Beijing.

Ashley Logsdon, founder and president of dolma, spent the fall of 2005 studying Mandarin at a Chinese University. During her short time there, she made a special friend, named An Jin.

The two were inseparable. Together, they traveled the vast lands of China – from Shanghai to Lhasa. It was in Lhasa that a devout Tibetan Buddhist monk gave Ashley the name, “Samkidolma.” Samkidolma is the Tibetan goddess of foresight.

An Jin had many merchant-friends, and throughout their travels she would always take Ashley to meet them. Ashley bought many things from the merchants, but it was a few strands of white pearls that she cherished the most.

When she returned home with the gifts for her friends and family, they all admired the pearls that she brought back so much that they asked her to go back to China and bring home more!

That was the birth of Ashley’s pearl jewelry company, specializing in freshwater pearl jewelry imports. She named it dolma, a shortened version of her Tibetan name.

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