Do You Have Two Left Feet? Seeing a Chiropractor May Help with Your Balance Issues

Updated on March 3, 2022

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Everyday movements such as standing, walking, bending, and jogging are often taken for granted, right up until you experience a dizzy spell or an unseen force that throws off your balance and coordination. 

As moving is of vital importance, so is balancing. If you have frequent or sudden balance issues, it is essential to seek out a health professional like a chiropractor.

While it’s common knowledge that you can seek chiropractic help to relieve your neck and back pain, what fewer people know is that chiropractors can also help treat certain balance issues. If you are struggling with balance, consider the primary causes of balance issues and how they can be treated with chiropractic help.

What Causes Balance Issues?

Your central nervous system plays a significant role in the way your body moves. The nervous system takes in and sends out all types of signals from your brain, instructing your body how and when to move. Therefore, when there is a disruption to the nervous system, balance issues can arise. Spinal misalignment is a very common cause of this kind of disruption.

Spinal misalignment can also sometimes cause inner ear issues such as vertigo, which causes a person to feel dizzy or nauseous along with imbalance. Vertigo can range from being slight and barely noticeable to very intense and cause difficulties performing daily tasks.

Balance issues are even more concerning as we get older. When we age, our bodies become more susceptible to musculoskeletal health issues and spinal misalignment, making us more prone to balance issues. This is why many seniors are at a heightened risk of falling and are significantly more impacted by a fall. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Improve Coordination?

Even a small misalignment of the spine or hips can cause balance issues, as can an unequal leg length or disproportionate muscles. A chiropractor can help work with you to treat these types of common issues.

During your initial consultation with your chiropractor, they will help you determine the best treatment plan for your specific type of balance issues and discuss any pains or discomforts you may feel along with it. 

The good news is, whether you are looking to visit a chiropractor in Vancouver or a chiropractor in Montreal, there is likely a local chiropractor you can visit in your area. 

During your sessions with your chiropractor, they will help work with you to adjust the proper alignment in your body and help you to restore functions in any joints that are out of sync. They may also recommend posture corrections or stretches and exercises you can do at home to help keep your spine properly aligned.

Over time, you should find that your overall balance and coordination improve and see a reduction of inflammation or pain that may have been a by-product of pressure from the misalignment. Seniors especially may benefit from seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis to help reduce their risks of falling while helping to prevent inflammation within the joints, such as arthritis.

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