Do Massagers Have Health Benefits? Everything You Need to Know

Updated on April 25, 2022

With the popularity of prostate massagers increasing, you might be wondering what health benefits these devices have and what they do! The reality is that prostate massagers are not typically prescribed as a treatment except in rare cases. Instead, physicians may perform a prostate exam or massage to diagnose a medical condition based on symptoms related to prostate malfunction. There are, however, many apparent benefits that users of these products have claimed and some noticeable relief that a prostate massage can give from particular conditions. Today, we’ll discuss one of the significant conditions that can develop in older men and how a prostate massager can help with the associated symptoms. Keep reading to learn more! 


Prostatitis is a condition of the prostate related to inflammation, and is caused by various things. Bacteria can be the culprit, but it can also occur due to aging and changing hormone levels. When the prostate becomes inflamed, it can cause many uncomfortable symptoms including difficulty urinating, pain when urinating, pain in the pelvis and groin, and painful ejaculation. Prostatitis and its symptoms are a reason to seek medical attention immediately. This is where a physician may give a prostate exam or massage to diagnose and even relieve some symptoms. Massaging the prostate can help reduce inflammation and relieve these uncomfortable symptoms.  

Bladder Issues 

For those with chronic bladder issues, prostatitis can be a common culprit. This is because when the prostate is inflamed, it can block urine flow through the urethra. When you relieve the swelling of the prostate by massage, it can reduce the inflammation and allow urine to pass more easily and with less discomfort. Whenever dealing with symptoms of prostatitis, always make sure that you seek the attention of medical professionals for their advice on the situation. A physician may recommend massaging the prostate to relieve the swelling, but they also may determine that another course of action is right for you. In mild circumstances, a prostate massage may be just what you need but make sure to keep track of your symptoms and seek medical attention if your symptoms get worse or persist of a long period of time. 


While many prostate massagers claim that their products will help with erectile dysfunction, this is mostly from a user standpoint. Many men who struggle with erections or ejaculation claim that using a prostate massager helps increase the strength of their erections and help with issues ejaculating, but there is currently no scientific basis to use prostate massagers as clinical devices. There are many medications that can help with erectile dysfunction, and certainly taking part in any pleasurable activity can help jump start our sexual feelings and help us overcome mental blocks. Using a prostate massager can be a great thing to try, but always seek medical attention for sustained issues achieving an erection or ejaculating. 

Sexual Wellness 

The biggest health benefit a prostate massager can have is sexual well-being. Those that use prostate massagers report bigger, more satisfying orgasms and are delighted to find another way to achieve that sensation. Prostate play can be done alone or with a partner and can be a great way to explore your sexuality and have a more gratifying experience. While anal play is often seen as taboo, it’s something that many men and women alike enjoy. And if you’re lucky to own a prostate, why not enjoy a part of your body that so many find pleasurable and enjoyable? Of course, prostate massaging might not be for everybody, but it’s worth the exploration to know what you might be missing out on! Taking care of your prostate and sexual wellness can help symptoms of prostasitis, but it can help with confidence and pleasure, which can help support stronger erections and better sexual health. 

So, to recap, there are many potential benefits from using a prostate massager. However, more research needs to be done to determine if prostate massage can be used as a treatment for things like erectile dysfunction. However, we know that massaging the prostate not only delivers sexual pleasure for some but can also help decrease inflammation of the prostate, also known as prostatitis. Prostatitis can cause pain and difficulty urinating due to the enlarged organ pressing against the urethra. Decreasing inflammation from a prostate massage can help relieve those symptoms and allow urine to pass through more easily. So whether you are looking to use a prostate massager for sexual benefits or to help with inflammation, do your research and make sure you’re aware of the medical treatments available and at-home relief solutions. 

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