Do Car Covers Scratch Your Car’s Exterior?

Updated on May 29, 2020

Your car cover is designed to protect your car from dust, scratches, UV rays and other issues. Unfortunately, there are some instances when your car cover can actually damage your vehicle. Find out how to take care of your car cover to prevent it from scratching your vehicle.

The Dangers of Ill-Fitting, Low-Quality Covers

The two most important factors when it comes to choosing the best car cover for your vehicle are the fit and the material. Do car covers damage car paint? The answer depends on the style and quality of your cover. Compare the pros and cons of custom car covers to find the ideal option for your vehicle. Look for covers that use custom-fit, high-quality materials for reliable storage.

A proper fit protects against scratches. If your cover doesn’t fit snug around each side of your vehicle, then it could flap in the wind. This constant movement and friction can wear your paint and create scratches. A fitted cover should be matched to your make and model of vehicle. A snug fit prevents movement that would otherwise damage the exterior.

The other critical factor to your car’s exterior protection is the material. Choose a cover with a soft cotton interior. This interior lining protects your car, particularly if you’re fitting an outdoor cover on it. Don’t let the rugged, waterproof material of an outdoor cover rest directly against your vehicle and create abrasions and scratches.

How To Protect Your Car’s Exterior

The best way to protect your car’s exterior is to choose a high-quality cover designed for your make and model of vehicle and storage situation. There are no one-size-fits all solutions for your car’s protection, so be sure to select a cover matched to your parking space. An indoor cover is soft and breathable. It prevents dust and light moisture from resting directly on your vehicle’s paint. Quality outdoor covers include a soft interior lining but also use a more durable exterior that prevents water and scrapes.

Be careful choosing a cover that is completely waterproof. Many companies advertise a fully waterproof cover as the best option for your car. Unfortunately, these materials typically don’t allow your vehicle to breathe. Your cover isn’t designed to withstand a hurricane, so choose a water resistant option that still allows your car to breathe.

Check that your cover is water resistant before parking outside. An indoor cover isn’t designed to withstand direct rain. While the inside may be soft and protect your car from dust, it doesn’t have the durable exterior you need for outdoor parking.

Where To Find the Best Car Covers

Shop online for the best indoor and outdoor car covers. Choose an option that offers a custom fit for your make and model of vehicle and uses a specialized blend of materials and linings for your storage solution. Explore other ways to protect your vehicle, like dusting and waxing or using a storage bubble, to enjoy a long-lasting shine and to protect your investment. Find out how you can enjoy an affordable, custom solution for your car cover.

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