Different Types of Manicure Available at Nail Spas

Updated on October 1, 2020

There are many different types of manicures available in a nail spa. Depending on the customer’s need and demand, a nail therapist may opt for the basic or other different options. Since there are plenty of manicures in a nail spa, a nail therapist will take you through the various options they offer to help you choose one that suits your needs and budget.  

Your hands are always on display, that’s why you need to ensure that your fingernails are clean and healthy. Visiting a professional nail therapist can help you achieve that. You can choose nail paints such as gel manicure, shellac manicure, glitter nails, etc. It depends on you and the type of nail art you want. All you need to do is visit a nail salon in Western Chester, and get the best service from a professional nail therapist.

Here are some of the types of manicure available at a nail spa.

  1. Basic manicure

If you are going to the nail studio for the first time, this type of manicure is the best option. It entails applying the cream or lotion to the cuticles, which is done by the nail artist, and placing your hands into a bowl of warm water for five minutes. After the soaking procedure is over and the cuticles have been properly tamed, the nail technician will dry your hand and ask you to choose the nail that you want and their length. The shapes available include square, oval, squoval [a mixture of square and oval], etc.  

Once you have chosen the nail shape and length of your choice, the nail artist will give you a massage on your hands. After the massage, the nail therapist will apply a base coat. Then he or she will apply twice the nail paint that you have chosen to make it shiny and last longer. Lastly, the nail technician will apply a topcoat. Thereafter, you will place your hands in a nail dryer to dry off the nails. 

  1. French manicure 

This is one of the best manicures that give excellent results. The nail artist applies a white coat on the tip of your nail and a pink or beige polish over the whole nail. The result is vibrant and healthy nails for any occasion. This type of manicure is offered in all nail spas. 

  1. American manicure

An American manicure is almost the same as a French manicure. The only difference is that the shape and shade of the nails aren’t the same. For the American manicure, the tips of the nails are usually rounded, and the shades tend to be impartial or grayish. If you want to have this type of manicure, just try checking your closest nail studio. 

  1. Paraffin manicure

This type of manicure is ideal for individuals with dry and exhausted hands. Paraffin wax is used to imbue the skin with immediate moisture, and the final result is smooth and vibrant skin. 

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