Different Types of Liposuction Explained

Updated on September 25, 2020

If you’re dealing with stubborn fat, liposuction could be an option worth considering. Liposuction surgery sounds like a serious, life-changing procedure. And it really is life-changing, as it can help transform your body for the better. However, you don’t need to have a severe problem to undergo liposuction.

Today, there are various types of liposuction to treat the exact area that’s bothering you. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the different procedures available so you can make an informed decision.

Which Parts of Body Can Be Treated with Liposuction?

The short answer would be: almost everything! Liposuction surgery can either be a significant surgery to treat various parts of your body, or it could be a minor procedure treating only a targeted area. Everyone knows someone who has had tummy liposuction. Other common areas for liposuction include hip, thighs, and arms.

But there’s no rule on where excessive fat can be stored. Even fit people struggle with stubborn fat in the most unexpected areas! Each individual body has its own mechanism for storing fat, and it’s almost impossible to control it.

Therefore, doctors often get asked to remove fat from particular areas such as the inner tights, back of the arms, etc. Whatever part of your body that’s bothering you, they won’t be surprised. An experienced doctor will be able to perform liposuction surgery on almost every area, no matter how big or small it might be.

Two Types of Liposuction

There are multiple types of liposuction, but the two most effective are power-assisted liposuction and Vaser liposuction.

Power-assisted liposuction uses a powerful vacuum to remove fat deposits from certain areas. It’s a potent and fast method that can treat multiple areas at the same time. Doctors usually suggest this type of liposuction for patients who want to sculpt their tummy and legs at the same time.

This method is also effective for reshaping areas that are considered difficult to tone, like the stomach, for instance.

Vaser liposuction is perfect for eliminating fat from precisely targeted areas. This technique is an effective combination of liposuction and ultrasound technology. It manages to break down even the most stubborn fat that no other method could tackle.

Another advantage of Vaser liposuction is that it’s so precise. As a result, the damage to nearby tissue is minimal. Therefore, the recovery process is much faster and easier. The only reason why people may not choose Vaser liposuction for sculpting their whole body may be the price. This is a relatively new technology, and as such, it can be costly.

Put simply: if you want to treat multiple areas at once, you should opt for power-assisted liposuction. If a small area of stubborn fat is bothering you, Vaser liposuction can help you get rid of it in just a few minutes!

What After Liposuction Surgery?

It depends on many factors: type of liposuction, the area that was treated, as well as your age and medical history. You should talk to your doctor about how long your recovery will last, but if all goes well, you should be able to return to everyday activities relatively quickly.

Generally speaking, you don’t have to make any drastic lifestyle changes, but many doctors suggest using liposuction surgery as a turning point for implementing some healthy habits. Your first step could be daily walks and drinking plenty of water. You could also consider a more rigorous exercise schedule.

Remember, the fat won’t return immediately after liposuction, but if you don’t change your habits, you could gain weight. It’s as simple as that! Liposuction isn’t a magic pill that allows you to eat rich, calorific food without worrying about your weight for the rest of your life.

Choose Healthy and Beautiful Body

Don’t despair if diets and exercise don’t help. Liposuction could well be the solution to help you transform your body and your life. For even better results, combine it with introducing healthier habits suggested by your doctor, and you’ll look fitter and feel more attractive than ever before.

If you’re not sure what type of liposuction you need, it may be a good idea to talk with an experienced doctor who can help you find a perfect solution.

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