A Guide to Different Types of Kratom Strains: Here’s What You Need to Know

Updated on March 5, 2022

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree grown in Southeast Asian countries mainly Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. According to health professionals, kratom is rich in therapeutic and soothing properties. Among its many uses, people use it to help in their workouts, alleviate pain, or reduce stress or anxiety. Kratom for sale comes in various forms such as extracts, powder, and capsules in the market.

Over the last few years, kratom has gained popularity across the world due to its uncountable health benefits. People buy kratom for different reasons, and some of the benefits of this magical tree include nootropic assistance, reducing stress, energy-boosting, pain relief, and clarity of pleasure and mind. If you’ve been suffering from any of the problems mentioned above, this article will take you through on how to find kratom for sale.


First things first, it’s worth mentioning that kratom is dependent on its legality in your country. Initially, kratom was regarded as any other drug such as opium and cocaine, but health professionals studied the tree and unlocked its medicinal effects on a patient’s mind and body.

Thanks to the findings, kratom was legalized in some countries where you can easily buy them online with just a few clicks. Kratom for sale can be expensive if you don’t buy from reputable sources and hence advisable to take a few of your time to search for the most trusted vendors.

Just like any other medicinal substance, the best Kratom for sale is no different and varies in quality, effectiveness, and price. A pure kratom has a lot to offer and can help you feel stress-free, more positive, and hence happy.

On the other hand, impure or low-quality kratom can make you feel sedated without any useful effects. Therefore, it is crucial to check for information on sellers’ websites such as buyers’ views and reviews, and know what the previous buyers said about what you want to buy.

Different kratom strains for sale

Kratom for sale is available in different strains, most of which have the same potent properties but different functions. Some strains are excellent for pain relief and energy-boosting while others ease stress and fatigue.

Besides, some strains for sale have more medical benefits like relieving diarrhea, easing anxiety, and managing addiction. Therefore, you should buy a particular strain based on your needs. The following are some common strains and what they do.

1. White thai kratom

White thai kratom is rich in alkaloid mitragynine and hence excellent in boosting mood and energy levels, easing depression and anxiety, pain relief, and enhancing motivation

2. Borneo kratom

Used to fight insomnia, reduce anxiety, relieve pain, treat addiction, anti-inflammatory and for euphoric

3. Maeng Da kratom

Used for mood-lifting, relieving pain, enhancing focus, and boosting energy

4. Indo kratom

Used to combat opiate withdrawal, pain relief, mood-lifting, relaxation and sedation

5. Bali kratom

Used to increase appetite, sedation, fighting insomnia, reducing stress and anxiety, and relieving pain

Different forms of kratom for sale

1. Kratom powder

Fresh kratom leaves are sun-dried between 24 to 48 hours for the moisture to evaporate completely. The dried leaves are ground in powder using suitable grinding machines for commercial purposes or with a mortal for personal use. The price of kratom powder varies depending on the quantity and strain.

2. Kratom capsules

Kratom capsules are simply kratom powder, which has been measured in the right proportions and then pre-packed into gelatin capsules or vegetable cellulose. They are sophisticated to take and eliminate the need for processing before consumption. Again, the price of kratom varies from one strain to another, but as a general rule, they’re more expensive than kratom powder.

3. Kratom tincture

A tincture is simply a drug that has been dissolved in a solution of alcohol, a powerful solvent that keeps the alkaloids in kratom leaves intact. When making kratom tincture, it is highly recommendable to use ethanol over alcohol. The price of kratom tincture varies depending on the strain used, but it’s very pricey, and a solution of 6ml can cost up to $100.

4. Kratom resin

Kratom resin extract can be described as a solid extract product that’s more powerful than a typical kratom leaf. It is made from a hardened extract solution that gives it a brown or dark brown color. Kratom resins look like they’ve been caramelized and are identified as being 8X, 15X, or any other denomination times to define the times they’re stronger than unprocessed leaves. A 15X kratom package can cost up to $15.

Bottom line

Kratom has been used in Southeast Asian countries for hundreds of years, and thanks to its magical healing, it is now available in most countries across the world. With just a Google search, you can effortlessly find kratom for sale near you. As a rule of thumb, go through each vendor’s website and read previous customers’ reviews, and whether their products are lab-tested to ensure that you get high-quality products that will meet your needs.

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