Diabetes Freedom Review: Is This Ebook Worth It?

Updated on October 8, 2020

Diabetes is a growing worldwide problem. Many people suffer from diabetes and the associated health problems.

Fortunately, diabetes is manageable. However, the treatment only regulates the symptoms of diabetes and helps prevent any further health problems. The treatment can also be very expensive and doesn’t rule out other complications, like insulin resistance.

There are many alternative diabetes treatments available, but it’s wise to be cautious when it comes to managing diabetes. Diabetes Freedom is a program that claims to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, but as mentioned before, it’s wise to be cautious.

So today we’ve conducted a review of Diabetes Freedom to investigate its claims and see if it can deliver on its promises.

Diabetes Freedom Review: Ebook Overview

Many people worldwide suffer from diabetes, suffering from the disease itself, and the associated health problems. On their website, the creator of Diabetes Freedom claims that their aim is to help alleviate type-2 diabetes symptoms and even deal with the root cause.

Diabetes Freedom is a two-month program, claiming to help flush out toxins and fatty deposits from your body via diet and exercise.

What’s Diabetes Freedom?

Diabetes Freedom aims to help diabetes sufferers alleviate their problems. Its primary methods are diet and exercise. Those who suffer from diabetes will already know how important it is to keep your diet well balanced and regulated, but the website also mentions several other little tips and tricks to help manage your blood sugar and deal with insulin resistance.

The creator of Diabetes Freedom claims to suffer from diabetes himself, very nearly losing a leg to the disease. Diabetes can be a costly disease to regulate, and you’ll likely need the medications for the rest of your life. Sometimes, doctors omit details and helpful tips about managing your disease because they want to sell you expensive treatments.

Diabetes Freedom might help free up your money, time, and energy for other things.

Who’s Behind Diabetes Freedom?

The creator of Diabetes Freedom claims to be a man named George Reilly, a 61-year-old family man who suffers from diabetes. In the website’s introductory video, he explains that his health scare, in which he almost had to have a leg amputated, moved him to search for a more effective and cheaper treatment for diabetes.

He lists symptoms such as uncontrollable sweet cravings, unexplained tingling in his legs, high blood pressure and gaining excess fat. The medications also included side effects such as bloating, muscle aches, and kidney pain.

Shortly after, he had his health scare.

Mr. Reilly further claims that he discovered the “secret” to Diabetes Freedom from a tip given to him by his Japanese daughter-in-law, who pointed him towards a man who is introduced as Professor James Freeman. He then pointed Mr. Reilly towards this “secret.”

However, this reviewer was not able to find any online links or documentation to either of these individuals.

What Does the Program Include?

Managing diabetes is not easy, especially if you choose to use natural methods. There are three key steps to this program:

  • Timing your meals appropriately.
  • A 2-month nutrition plan
  • Seven rules to boost brown fat (good fat)

The program includes a variety of video tutorials, which contain lots of information about diabetes. They might also help keep you motivated on your journey to good health. The plan also includes several recipes that are safe for diabetic persons to eat.

The presentation videos in the Diabetic Freedom package are simple and straightforward, easy to understand. You don’t want to have to sift through hours of useless information to get to the main point. They follow a step-by-step program and are easy to follow. Some videos are only 2-minutes long, which is really ideal.

Which would you rather watch, a lengthy, wordy, 60-minute long video presentation, or a short and snappy 2-minute video, that quickly and concisely tells you all you need to know?

The answer is really obvious!

The program is then divided into three parts, each of which plays a crucial role in your 2-month nutrition plan.

Part 1, Restart Your Pancreas: The Nutrition Plan

The first part of the program begins with 5 videos.

The aim of this part of the program is to help improve your pancreas’ function and health. The pancreas is a vital organ that will have an impact on the body’s health as a whole.

The pancreas-boosting topics discussed in these videos include:

  • Which spices to take before meals. These can reduce blood sugar, sometimes by up to 30%.
  • A list of carbs that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Eating properly and feeling full is a key element to reducing snacking between meals and unhealthy cravings.
  • Breakfast shakes that may melt white fat cells. Breakfast is an important meal, which kickstarts your metabolism for the rest of the day. Be sure not to skip meals.
  • Meals that can melt fat around your pancreas and liver. When it comes to eating well, less is not necessarily more. Eating the right foods is so much healthier for your body than eating less of the wrong foods.
  • 5 detoxifying teas. Some of these can reduce cravings, meaning you won’t snack as much, and can even help melt fat cells.
  • 7 fat loss shortcuts. Losing weight isn’t an exact science; it can vary from individual to individual. There are plenty of little tips and tricks you can use to speed up your weight loss.

Once you’ve completed Part 1, it’s time to move onto the next part. Remember, all of these parts are key elements that need to be used together to work efficiently.

Part 2, The Metabolism Booster

A good metabolism is incredibly important to our bodies. Lots of factors can affect our metabolism, slowing it down. It might be advancing age, or genetics, or a health condition.

Either way, a fast metabolism does mean that we’ll lose weight faster, but more importantly, it means we absorb and distribute nutrients in our body more quickly and more efficiently. It also means we’ll flush toxins out of our system more quickly.

Part 2 of the Diabetes Freedom Program includes:

  • A 2-minute fat-burning routine. This is essentially a digital workout video, but since it’s so compact and simple, you can quickly run through your workout routine anytime during the day.
  • 3 recipes for blood sugar-lowering power drinks. Power drinks can help you deal with cravings, as well as giving you a boost during the day. Choosing the right power drinks and making them correctly means that you aren’t just choosing an even more sugary option for a snack.

This part also explains the difference between brown and white fat. Not all fat is bad; in fact, we need certain amounts of fat in the diet to stay healthy.

White fat cells are excess fat, which quickly accumulates when we take in more calories and carbs than our body needs to function. Getting rid of white fat cells can be difficult but can be accomplished by sticking to a healthy diet, low in saturated fats and sugars, along with plenty of exercises.

Brown fat cells, on the other hand, don’t get stored in the body in abundance. Getting rid of white fat cells can help alleviate some of the symptoms of diabetes.

Part 3, Learning to Time Your Meals

You might already know some information about what to eat and when to eat. You know that fatty, processed foods are bad for you, and you’ve probably learned that eating large meals late at night isn’t good for your metabolism.

However, there are other tips and tricks that can help you get into a good, healthy routine of eating. This part includes:

  • A list of suitable snacks and desserts to prepare. Cutting all sugary, delicious foods out of your diet might seem to be the best solution, but is it sustainable? You need a diet that you can live with and taking all the foods you like to eat out of your diet probably won’t work for very long.
  • Breakfast tips and hacks. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s also an important meal to eat if you want to avoid cravings during the rest of the day. Eating the right foods for breakfast will help you stay energized.

Controlling sugar cravings and monitoring our carb intake is very difficult. You might worry that there’s no food you want to eat anymore. Fortunately, Part 3 of Diabetes Freedom comes with plenty of recipes you can try. It even includes desserts!

The aim here is to keep your glucose levels under control. This can be done by controlling appetite and cravings. Going for long periods without food is dangerous for a diabetic person but snacking often on sugary foods is just as risky. Finding the balance is key, then you’ll have a sustainable routine that will see you in good stead for years to come.

Pros and Cons

While you may feel that you are at the end of your tether trying to manage your diabetes, it is important not to rush into taking any course of treatment without doing proper research first. Take time to establish whether or not this this program for you.

Remember, while this is a 2-month program, making serious lifestyle changes can take time. It may also take longer than you hoped to see results. Safe weight loss isn’t a speedy affair. Be prepared to wait.

How Does It Work?

Type 2 diabetes is caused by a small molecule called Mellitus. This molecule causes insulin resistance, which in turn allows fat cells to travel in the blood and stick to internal organs. When the fat begins to stick to the pancreas, it can start inhibiting the production of insulin.

This means that blood sugar levels rise.

Excess fat is never healthy, but fat accumulating around the internal organs can cause serious health issues. This is why some diabetic people seem to be in good shape and appear slim and healthy-looking.

Diabetes is certainly connected to a sugary diet, but that isn’t always the cause. Diabetes Freedom hopes to combat the root cause – the accumulating fats. It does this through diet.

The aim of Diabetic Freedom is that the diet you keep, and your exercise routine will help strip away fat from the pancreas, and insulin production will begin once again. Well-timed, healthy meals will regulate glucose levels and keep our blood sugar in check, as well as stimulating healthy weight loss.

Hopefully, sticking to a good diet and plenty of exercises will also help your blood pressure cholesterol. This is a good thing all by itself, but it may also have the happy side effect of making sure you get a good nights’ sleep. It is another vital element of healthy weight loss.

Who Should Use It?

Diabetes Freedom is, quite obviously, aimed at diabetic persons. It might be worth looking into this product if you are struggling to afford expensive medicines, or if you’re experiencing nasty side effects. It can be used by someone of any age or gender.

Diabetes Freedom does not contain any dubious medicines. It also doesn’t pretend to be a lightning-fast miracle cure. It only contains informative videos, tips, tricks, and recipes. The recipes are checked by a nutritionist, and they are easy to make.

They are also made up of ingredients you are likely to have in the house, meaning you don’t have to work twice as hard to cook regular, healthy meals for yourself.

Who Shouldn’t Use It?

Again, Diabetes Freedom is aimed at diabetic persons. Those who don’t suffer from diabetes should not use this product. Also, it is not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding persons, as this program involves lifestyle changes and weight loss.


  • Nutrition, weight loss, exercise, and lifestyle changes are proven to help alleviate the symptoms of diabetes.
  • Simple, straightforward tutorial videos. This information is easy to watch and absorb, and you can go back, again and again, to refresh yourself on the ideas and tips.
  • This program is aimed to help many areas of your life. Improving metabolism and shedding excess fat is good for just about anyone, not just a diabetic person.
  • The delicious recipes and tips should give you a pleasant energy boost. Timing your meals correctly will also help you get through the day without dealing with either unpleasant fullness and bloating or hunger pangs.
  • The Diabetes Freedom program also comes with a reassuring money-back guarantee.


  • The program is only available to buy on the official website.
  • You may have to wait sometime to see real results.
  • While a good diet and exercise are proven to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes and aid weight loss, there is no online evidence to back up Mr. Reilly’s story as detailed on the website.

Where Can I Buy Diabetes Freedom?

The Diabetes Freedom program is only available here on the website. The package costs a reasonably priced $37.

Diabetes Freedom is a digital product, meaning you will get the e-book and other videos and information to read on your phone, laptop, computer, or other device.

Aside from being very convenient – you can read or watch wherever and whenever you like! – this also means there’s no waiting for shipping. It also means there’s no paying for shipping costs, either!

If you aren’t fully satisfied with your Diabetes Freedom program, there is a money-back guarantee available.

You’ll also get several bonus articles free of charge, discussing topics like fat burning, staying youthful looking for longer, and even a handy article about power foods for diabetics. This last article could be particularly helpful, offering various ideas and suggestions.

Cutting foods that you love out of your diet may not be easy, so it is important to try new things. Experiment with suitable recipes and try types of food you maybe hadn’t thought of before. It is a common saying that a chance is better than a rest, so why not broaden your horizons and try something new today?

Diabetes Reviews: Conclusion

Diabetes is a horrible disease. While it’s certainly treatable, and millions of people worldwide live with diabetes, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to handle. Left to run riot in a body, diabetes can cause many health problems, including blindness and the risk of limb amputations. Many people are, understandably, afraid.

Properly understanding your illness is the key to managing it. Some people don’t fully understand how diabetes works and what causes it. This might mean they make unwise lifestyle choices and may even unintentionally make their illness worse.

It’s also important not to make rash decisions when it comes to your health. There are pros and cons to both prescribed medications and natural remedies, and each individual person is different.

Diabetes Freedom may well be the ideal product for you, but then again, it may not. Take your time to do research and thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of taking on a course of treatment or lifestyle change. Never underestimate the importance of a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle.