Dental veneers: why they’re worth it

Updated on November 28, 2023

Whether it’s the perfect shape or the pearly white shine, perfect smiles are all the wonder on the list of aesthetic procedures. Veneers in particular are one of the services that everyone would love to have done but might be afraid of doing out fear of the long term effects of the damage to their pockets. Dentistry has become so revolutionary that the impossible is now only an appointment away, but what are veneers and why are they worth it?

What are the features and benefits of having veneers? 

The chemicals in the food and medication that we consume are causing higher levels of discoloration and premature decay, but with the help of a good set of veneers, you can cut out the struggle to keep your teeth both stain-free and in perfect shape. It removes the need to constantly have your teeth bleached and at half the cost of replacing each individual tooth with a permanent cap and screw.  There are two different types of veneers known as composite or dental porcelain as seen here. Composite veneers have a life span of 4 years and can be used strictly for aesthetic imperfections where porcelain veneers are indirectly fabricated to completely restore full loss and replacement of both shape and color for a longer period. They are fitted onto your own teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing shape, depending on the initial condition of your teeth and will ensure that any discoloration becomes a thing of the past. 

One of the more essential benefits of having veneers done is the amount of work and strain it takes away from having your teeth bleached. Bleaching can cause irreversible damage to your teeth by permanently breaking down the enamel and causing premature tooth decay. Teeth can reject the bleaching agents later discoloring even more because of enamel loss. Veneers immediately remove the need to bleach the teeth and also prevent plaque build-up from destroying the teeth. Gums can also be left sensitive after a bleaching session which can also lead to irritation and infection, but investing in veneers can remove that concern. 

Could veneers be the answer for dentistry in the future? 

Not all teeth are perfect and this is another great benefit that can be added to your smile. Dental labs can create veneers that simply cover up small imperfections like a gap between your teeth or straighten out naturally uneven teeth. These are perfect for stubborn cosmetic issues that cannot be fixed with braces or retainers. Braces can straighten your dental alignment, but the overall shape will remain the same. The results are not guaranteed because the bone structure of each person and teeth could move back to their old position. The only way to prevent this from happening is to wear a retainer for the rest of your life, but with veneers, those concerns become a thing of the past. Investing in a set of veneers the money-saving trick to having a perfect set of teeth and with modern dentistry always changing, we are bound to see new and wonderful ways to make this procedure even better in the future. 

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