Dental Implants Offer Much More Than Aesthetic Benefits

Updated on December 16, 2020

Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. After all, nice teeth can provide the impression of vitality and health. Missing teeth, along with being embarrassing, will also harm your jaw and mouth health. Thankfully, you have options such as dental implants that can fill the missing teeth. It is in great demand due to the countless benefits it offers patients over other forms of tooth restoration, improving your smile being just the beginning. 

The Benefits of Abundance 

When you get your dental implants done through a Rutherford dental expert, you can enjoy an array of benefits such as, 

  • Restore Bite Force – With dental implants being anchored in the jaw using a titanium post, you can bite with less or more force, which you can use with natural teeth. When you compare dental implants with other types of tooth replacement options, the latter will not restore much of the bite as they sit above the gums and are not anchored in place. 
  • Keep Jawbone Healthy – Implants can replace every part of the tooth, which also includes the root. This way, they constantly put pressure on your jaw bone as natural teeth do. This constant pressure helps in stimulating bone growth and preventing the jawbone from receding and deteriorating as it generally does post a loss of tooth and with other forms of dental replacement choices. 
  • Resistant to Decay – Manufactured of synthetic materials, dental implants are never prone to tooth decay. This, however, does not give you an excuse to neglect oral health habits because gum disease may impact the lifespan and integrity of the implant. 
  • Easy to Care – Implants do not require you to purchase special products to care for or clean for them. You do not need special flossers, adhesives, cleansing tablets, or cups. All you need to do is just floss and brush as you do with the natural teeth. 
  • Improve Psychological Health – At a time where we must smile for changing the world, we require being mindful of how losing the smile will change us. Every day you are aware of this when you to work and come across patients having missing teeth or failing teeth. Automatically their confidence gets deflated, so they cover the mouth while smiling. This is indeed a shame. Once these solutions are enacted for reversing such problems, people will change before your eyes. Dental implants will not only increase your self-esteem but also improve your confidence. 
  • Eliminate Bone Loss, Stop Muscle Atrophy, and Sinking of the Jaw – This elimination is highly detrimental to why implants are a good failing or missing tooth replacement. Eliminating muscle and bone loss further will stop the process of aging from continuing and, in fact, can make you appear much younger. A jaw that is sunken into one filled with healthy muscle and bone will contribute to a much youthful experience. 
  • Highly Versatile – Be it full dentures, partial dentures, and bridges are all restricted with regards to the number of teeth that can be replaced. As a result, your treatment options may be comparatively limited, resting on the number of tooth loss. However, dental implants are highly versatile treatments. These can be fixed with the crown for replacing one tooth, partial denture, or a bridge for replacing full or multiple dentures for replacing all the teeth. It will help you as well as your dental expert in designing the ideal treatment for you. 
  • Dental Implants look Natural – Through the latest technology and modern materials, dental implants today appear as real as they feel. Remember, your prosthetics will be specifically designed for you, thus ensuring that your smile appears just great. When you possess healthy natural teeth, the prosthetic tooth will be made for blending in with these perfectly. Dentures, too, appear incredibly realistic with gums made of acrylic made for matching the color of the natural gums. No matter you put dentures, a bridge, or crowns on the implants, people will not be able to differentiate between the implants and the natural teeth. 
  • Low Maintenance – The best part about dental implants is that those who are capped with the crown need low-maintenance. It just needs good oral hygiene habits to make sure it is long-lasting. It means brushing the teeth two times a day, using mouthwash and flossing once a day, and consulting a dentist for that regular preventative cleaning every six months. Here you do not require taking any additional steps when it comes to the oral hygiene routine. Dental implants capped strongly with bridges need only one additional step, as you should clean under false teeth to keep gums healthy. On the other hand, implants capped with dentures need the same care as traditional dentures. 
  • Improve Speech – Dental implants help in preserving your ability to articulate properly. Implants are an all-inclusive smile dental solution as these go much beyond just making your smile appear nice, yet actually help you function normally. Often, some people struggle to speak normally due to the fixed dentures or any other removable type of dental solution, yet since implants are fixtures permanently placed in your mouth, these function like normal teeth. As a result, you can speak sans any speech impediments that are caused by teeth. 

The dental implant technology of late has turned into a state-of-the-art solution for tooth replacement owing to its alluring features and attractive benefits over other earlier treatments. Following modern advances in dentistry, the majority of the patients are benefitting from it. All that you need is to get hold of a good dentist that offers the best dental implant solutions. Begin to schedule a consultation with a good oral surgeon or implant dentist. After the tooth is examined and the x-ray was done, the dentist will inform you of the total number of dental implants that are needed to restore the smile. The dentist will explain in detail the complete treatment process and also discuss financing options.  

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