Delicious Fudge that is 100% vegan

Updated on August 4, 2021

Chocolate is arguably the best food on the planet.  The Mayans even called it the “food of the gods” and if you have ever had the perfect bite you completely understand why. Everyone enjoys chocolate even vegans. Unfortunately, it is really hard to find vegan chocolate at most stores. If you have a craving for vegan fudge you will likely be turning to the internet to find a recipe. Which is probably how you got here so let’s get to the recipe.

What you need

To make vegan fudge you will of course need vegan ingredients. You will need to purchase a bag of powdered sugar, some cocoa or cacao powder, a vegan milk alternative of your preference, and a vegan butter alternative or coconut oil. These are the base ingredients for the fudge if you want to be adventurous you can add other ingredients. Popular choices include nut butter, nuts, and flavored extracts. Be very careful when adding extract they are very powerful and you will not need much. 

Once you gather your ingredients you need to get all the vessels and tools you will need together in one place in the kitchen. You will need a sift, a mixing bowl, a spatula, an 8×8 pan, a pot, a stove, a measuring cup, and a hand mixer. Don’t start getting nervous this recipe is simple you will master it on the first try.

Making Fudge

First, you want to measure out one cup of either cocoa or cacao powder combine that with the 32 oz bag of powder sugar, and sift the two ingredients seamlessly together. You want them to be mixed thoroughly with no clumps. Running them through the sift will help to achieve this.  The powder sugar will add all the sweetness to your fudge so make sure there is no sugar in any of the additional ingredients or your fudge could be too sweet. 

Now either drizzle in the coconut oil or mix in chunks of the butter substitute you prefer.  You will also use one cup of this ingredient. fold in whichever form of fat you choose. Then add one half of a cup of your milk substitute of choice and move your mixture to a pot.  Turn the eye on your stovetop to medium-high and place the pot on that eye.

Make sure you continue to stir the mixture thoroughly as it warms up. Once it is warm and thoroughly stirred remove the pot from the stove. If you want to add nut butter do this while it is still on the stove so you can incorporate the butter into the mix. If you want to add a flavor extract such as peppermint you will do that once you remove the pot from the stove. You can then use a hand mixer to finish mixing it will start to thicken when it is ready to be moved to the pan.

A pro tip before your next step take your 8×8 pan and line it with parchment paper this will make getting the fudge out of the pan to serve a lot easier. Take the mixture into your pot and pour it into the pan. Take your spatula and smooth everything out. If you want to add chopped-up nuts this is an ideal time to sprinkle them over the top.  Set the pan aside to cool for a few hours and then your treatment will be ready.

A Quicker Option

There will be days were taking the time to make your vegan fudge will not be an option. Luckily there are companies you can find online that offer ready-to-eat vegan snacks that are very similar to fudge and can help to scratch that itch when you are not able to follow this recipe.

You do not have to sacrifice decedent deserts to be vegan. You will now be able to make vegan fudge whenever you want. Also, remember you can purchase ready-to-eat snacks with vegan fudge from online retailers as well. So make sure you stock up on these products so you never have to suffer through a craving for vegan fudge again. 

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