Decorating Bathroom Mirrors For Your Bathroom

Updated on December 30, 2020

Having bathroom mirrors is important in any bathroom. When most individuals think of a bathroom vanity, they imagine one big solid, flat piece of glass that sits above the sink. However, for a smaller bathroom or for a bathroom that has more than one sink, there are many other options for mirrors. From oval mirrors that sit on the vanity to wall mirrors that are hung on the wall, there are a variety of mirrors that you can add to make your bathroom more functional.

A. Different Sizes and Shapes Bathroom Mirrors There are so many shapes and styles to choose from when it comes to bathroom mirrors. There is the classic oval shape that has two sides and can either be framed or not. Other shapes include the traditional square shape, the half-moon shaped, and the round or the square shape.

There are also more elaborate shapes like the pyramid or the half-circle mirrors. A perfect shape for a bathroom vanity mirror is the round mirror. Round mirrors come in a variety of sizes, but the most common size is the oval. The reason why round mirrors are the most common shape is that most bathroom cabinets and vanity sinks will have an oval frame.

B. Types of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors One of the more popular types of bathroom mirrors today is the illuminated mirror. Most illuminated mirrors have an illuminated glass surface that either has colored lights on them or they reflect light in an upward direction to create the effect of having multiple lights on the mirror itself.

C. Styles of Bathroom Mirrors also comes in other design features such as frosted, etched, or hand-painted mirrors. These mirrors are designed to add elegance to a bathroom and also reflect light in a way that creates a very beautiful effect. These mirrors are usually very detailed, which gives them a unique look. Most people who purchase frosted mirrors are interested in creating a beautiful effect in their bathroom design.

D. Framed Bathroom Mirrors Another popular option for bathrooms are frameless mirrors. Framed mirrors, which are commonly referred to as frameless, are the most popular option for people who do not want to purchase new full-length mirrors. Frameless mirrors allow you to add dimension to your bathroom without having to place a frame across the top of your mirror.

E. Mirrors With Decorative Frames One of the easiest ways to add beauty to mirrors is by purchasing frames with decorative elements on them. You can purchase a mirror that has a decorative frame along one wall and have the frame across the top of the mirror. Or, you could purchase several different frames and place them on the top of your vanity or along each side of each bedside table. Any decorative frame will add elegance to any bathroom.

F. Wall Mirrors With Curtain Shapes Many people choose framed wall mirrors because they can add an interesting look to any bathroom. They come in many different shapes, such as oval, square, round, heart-shaped, etc. There are even some that have left. These shapes are great because you can use any of these shapes as your bathroom decor, or just place them against a wall in your bathroom. You will be amazed at how much variety is available in wall mirrors.

G. Bathroom Mirror Holders This is another great way to dress up plain mirrors. You can find bathroom mirror holders that have several different designs. You can buy mirror holders that have an Indian head Indian design, a floral pattern, or a cowhide pattern.

H. Oval Mirror Hanger Another way to dress up your plain mirrors is to hang an oval mirror hanger from the wall. These mirrors are usually designed with a square or rectangular shape. If you want an odd-shaped mirror, you can get an oval mirror hanger that has several different shapes. For instance, if your mirror is round, you can get an oval with four sides that are each turned outwards.

I. Floor Mirror Hangers If you have a full-length mirror that you do not want on the floor, but you would still like to display it in your bathroom, you can hang a full-length mirror hanger from the wall. These types of hangers are often called “furniture hangers” since they attach to your furniture like your cabinets. In addition to displaying your full-length mirror, these also add a stylish touch to any bathroom.

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