Debunking the Latest Pharmaceutical Industry Myths That Exist Today

Updated on December 24, 2021

As of 2020, the global pharmaceutical and healthcare market stood at $1.1989 trillion.

Like any other field, the medical industry is full of myths and misconceptions that mislead a lot of people. The repercussions can be adverse health effects and complications. Knowing what is true and what is not can ensure you live a healthier and safer life.

Read along as we debunk the latest pharmaceutical industry myths that exist today.

Stop Taking Prescribed Medication Once You Feel Better

This is one of the most popular fallacies that leads to people not finishing their prescription dose. Medication adherence is a major problem, especially in patients with chronic illnesses. Failure to complete the dosage can lead to poor control of your illness and may result in complications in the future.

Patients assume that once the symptoms go away, it’s time to stop taking medications. The symptoms not showing doesn’t mean the bacteria causing the illness is destroyed.

Natural Supplements Are Healthier Than Prescribed Ones

There is this notion among people, that natural supplements are way safer than prescribed meds. People don’t know that the FDA standards on healthy supplements are lower than approved drugs’ standards.

Not to add that natural supplements don’t list potential side effects on their label. You risk taking the medications without knowing their potential side effects on your body. There is a need for professionals in the healthcare community to educate their patients in such matters.

Antibiotics Are the Solution to All Acute Diseases

When you have a cold or flu, most people tend to take antibiotics, deemed as the best remedy for such infections. What most people don’t know is that antibiotics can only treat bacterial infections.

This has been contributed by the myth, leading to the overuse of antibiotics. Taking antibiotics anyhow can weaken its effectiveness in treating bacterial infections. When buying meds online, consider choosing an internet pharmacy that values your health more than money.

If Symptoms Persist Take More Pills

This is where patients resolve to take more pills when, let’s say, a fever won’t go away. The fact remains, taking more meds than recommended by the doctor can hurt you. Your dosage isn’t just a mere suggestion the doctor has given you, a lot of factors go into consideration.

How You Take Your Pills Doesn’t Matter

There is this notion that whichever way you take your pills, the ultimate goal is for them to get absorbed in the body. Some people take their pills by eating or drinking them regardless of what’s prescribed on the label. You should only take your meds as prescribed on the logo and shouldn’t peel off the outer coating.

Now You Have Your Facts Straight About the Pharmaceutical Industry

There is no doubt the pharmaceutical industry has many myths that can put people in danger. Now that you know better, avoid such myths in the medical industry at large like a plague.

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