Dealing with Mental Health Problems: The Top Benefits of Using Online Therapy Platforms like Betterhelp

Updated on April 20, 2021

Online therapy was not a thing until years ago where new technologies have facilitated online care and shown to be effective in helping patients. In the past, it was important for the psychologist to stay in the same room with the patient and discuss the problem face-to-face. Both the psychotherapist and the patient have to agree on a suitable meeting time and spot. However, things have changed now. Considering the recent coronavirus pandemic, many people are carrying out almost all the activities online. The digital era has made it possible for mental therapists to carry out their treatment online. Today, patients with mental issues can get therapy services over the Internet. The services are given through video conferences, live chats, and webcams. If you or someone close to you has mental problems and would like to have online therapy, here are the benefits you will get.


Consider a traditional setting where both parties have to agree on the appropriate time and place for the meeting. Setting an appointment with the professional can also be a hassle, especially if the professional sees many patients. There is the convenience with online therapy like Betterhelp. It is convenient to get a response from both sides and the therapist has the opportunity of expanding their reach to as many patients as possible within the same time. It is also ideal for individuals who may have problems with one-on-one communication.

Offers Privacy

You, definitely would not like everyone to know that you or your loved one has mental issues and is undergoing psychological therapy. Hence, you require finding a perfect way that will provide confidentiality. Online therapy is the best choice to reduce social stigma. You can get help without leaving your home or the place of your comfort. This reduces the embarrassment of being seen by people when visiting the mental counselor’s office. Furthermore, online therapists comply with the Federal Council of Psychology rules to ensure your online data is safe and confidential.

Online Therapy Offers Affordable Plans

Although not all insurance plans will cover such treatment, you have nothing to worry about. There are many affordable plans all over that you can pick depending on your pocket. Remember that the therapist is also attending to you from their comfort. That means they don’t have to worry about overhead costs. Hence, they lower the cost of their services. Furthermore, these plans come with additional elements. For instance, you may be given a smart connected cube to facilitate your development.

It is a Time-saver

Think of how much time is wasted when scheduling and traveling to meet the professional. You might also need to travel around when looking for a therapist with a physical office. The great thing about online therapies is that you don’t have to travel for a long distance. The meeting time is also an agreement between the two parties and during the appointment, both of you just need to connect to the Internet.

Treatment is Accessible Even to People with Physical Limitations

Some people who have mental issues may also have physical disabilities. Now, think of the hassle of traveling to and from to see their therapist. That means they have to use specialized means of transport to get there. What if there is a better option that allows them to get the services without leaving their comfort? Online therapy is accessible to all. All you need is an Internet-connected device, and you get what you need without having to move.

Online Therapy Encourages Frankness and Communication

Online therapy offers various means of communication. It doesn’t necessarily have to be face-to-face if you are uncomfortable. Both can communicate through texting, mailing, chatting, or using other communication channels. The therapist wants to get you comfortable. Therefore, they will do what needs to be done to achieve this. Moreover, online therapies encourage honesty. If you are a shy person, you may find it hard talking about everything in the presence of professionals. However, speaking over the Internet reduces shyness, and you can speak openly. 


There is a growing wave of online therapy since people have realized the many benefits. Online therapy is perfect. It is convenient, saves time, and comes with affordable plans. It also offers confidentiality for those who would like to keep their business private and encourages openness. If you have physical limitations, online therapy is available at your comfort.

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