Creating the Wow Factor

Updated on April 23, 2014


We all strive and do what we can to ensure our patients have an ideal experience while in the hospital. Today, not only is that required because it is our job and profession, but it is integral for the survival of our hospital through HCAHPS scores. So what can we do to ensure that our patients are satisfied and well cared for?

On Conemaugh Memorial’s Good Sam 5 we try to give our patients a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The first time you meet somebody you can almost perceive what kind of personality they have and how to subsequently approach that individual. Are they serious, demanding, humorous, sad, scared, quiet, etc? We can use this to determine how the patient likes to interact and be cared for. Every patient requires us to adapt and change to properly meet his or her needs. However, respect is one universal attribute all patients expect.

After you establish a rapport with the patient they are going to expect you to keep them well informed about their care. I’m sure you all can agree that sometimes an hour seems like five minutes to us, but to a patient time moves very slowly. They are eagerly awaiting the results of labs, stress tests, echo’s, ultrasounds, etc. Update your patients often to detract some of their worries.

Another area patients prioritize is how quickly things are done. The entire unit must operate equally and efficiently to provide prompt service to our patients. Through teamwork we can relieve pain, answer call bells, and discharge our patients at a pace that satisfies them.

Ultimately, when all of things are done, and done correctly, it creates the “WOW” factor that gives our patients the ideal patient experience.

Robert Dobis is an RN with Good Sam 5, Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown, PA. For more information, visit

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