Considering Kratom For Pain Relief? Here Is All That You Need To Know

Updated on March 5, 2022

People suffering from chronic pain are increasingly moving over to herbal remedies because they know how harmful pain killers can be. Amongst the natural pain relief alternatives, Kratom is a substance that is fast emerging as an effective one. The substance comes from a tropical tree that is native to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. Its leaves contain an active chemical called mitragynine, which is similar to opioid drugs and provides fast, effective and lasting pain relief. At the same time, it does not cause addiction-like opioids to do. Since kratom is natural, safe and effective, it makes perfect sense to try it as a pain relief remedy. But before you do it, here are some key facts that you need to be aware about.

How does kratom work for pain relief?

The pain-relieving action of kratom is attributed to the presence of two essential chemicals, mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in it. Additionally, the amount of these chemicals determines the potency of the kratom strain as well. Essentially, these alkaloids follow up the body’s opioid receptors to alleviate pain effectively. Additionally, they speed up the action of endorphins, the chemicals that are responsible for decreasing the sensation of pain. Now that you know about kratom for pain relief, you should also learn about the plant strains that are the most effective ones in this context.

Which are the best kratom strains for pain relief?

There are several strains of kratom and some are more effective for pain relief as compared to the others. Here are the ones that you can rely on.

Maeng Da Kratom: One of the most popular strains, Maeng Da is specifically cultivated to have higher concentrations of the pain-relieving alkaloids. The presence of high amounts of both mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine makes it highly effective for pain relief. Moreover, the action is energy stimulating rather than sedating, which means that you can take it during the day. It is primarily used for relieving the pain associated with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), lower back pain and cancer.

Bali Kratom: This strain is high in 7-hydroxy mitragynine and offers relief from chronic pain along with a stimulating energy boost. Bali Kratom comes in three vein colors, white, red and green. The red vein variant is the most effective amongst these. Patient surveys show that this particular strain has the potential to take away the pain for as many as 3-7 hours continuously. However, it has a strong sedating effect, which means that you should take it only before going to sleep.

Borneo Kratom: Another strain that you can rely on for effective pain relief is Borneo Kratom. It is best for relieving joint and muscular pains and alleviates anxiety as well. Even a small dose can give considerable benefits though bigger ones provide lasting relief.

Malay Kratom: If you are looking for relief from minor pain or inflammation, Green Malay Kratom is a good option. It has a lower concentration of mitragynine yet offers sufficient results without being sedative in action. Apart from pain relief, it offers benefits such as stimulation, better focus and mood enhancement. 

Indo Kratom and Red Vein Thai Kratom are some other strains that you can try for experiencing pain relief. Finding a strain that works for you is all about trying these options and identifying which one gives you the best result. Though this means some work, you can expect good results once you land at a perfect product.

How can you use kratom for pain relief? 

When it comes to using kratom products for getting rid of chronic pain, you have several options to try. The traditional method involves ingesting it in a powder form with water. While you can take the dose in one go, it becomes easier to swallow if you divide it into multiple doses. Alternatively, you can mix the powder in food and drinks such as in smoothies, yogurt and protein shake. 

Kratom pills and capsules are a better alternative if you are looking for a faster and easier method to ingest it. Kratom tea is another popular method of consumption. You can easily Buy Kratom Wholesale in all the forms and use the one you prefer. While you consume the supplement, remember to do it on an empty stomach if you want the best results. 

How do you decide the right dose?

Once you are sorted out with the form of kratom that works for you, dosing is another concern to address. The right dosage depends on a number of factors, such as the age, weight, and health of the user. Also, it depends on the health condition that you want to address with the product. It is best to follow the dosage directions mentioned in the product labels. Even better, you can consult a healthcare professional to recommend the dosage for you.  

The best tip is to start small and gradually work up the dose to the amount that gives you an effective result. You may experience some side effects such as constipation, vomiting, nausea and dry mouth on taking a larger dose. So it is always better to stick to safe dosage depending on your personal parameters. The best advice is to go low and slow because it gives you lasting results for a long time. You should opt for higher doses only when necessary.

Kratom supplements can do wonders for relieving pain caused by various health conditions. Since it is natural, you can consider it as an alternative to long term use of pain killers. The best part is that you can easily shop a variety of Kratom products online, with just a few clicks. However, one advice that you must follow is to buy only from a reputed and trustworthy website. Do explore their product range and ensure that they source the products only from the best places. The efficacy of kratom supplements greatly depends on their quality. So this is one aspect that you should never compromise with. 

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