Considering a Hair Transplant? Preparation is Key to Success

Updated on June 5, 2020

In today’s ever demanding world where looks are increasingly important, the pressures on ‘appearance’ are more important than ever. Yes, we live in a superficial world, and people – young and old – are constantly striving for perfection. Perfect or not, there are some things that we can control better than others. Your hair, for example, plays a very important part in your overall appearance. Its color or style makes a significant difference to how you look. But, if you are experiencing thinning hair, a receding hairline or baldness then things are out of your control and you may have to consider a cosmetic procedure. It will knock years off you and certainly put a spring back into your step. But, it is important to note that you will need to take some vital steps to get the best results. 

Going Global  

The good news is that hair transplant technology has advanced significantly in recent years, particularly abroad. Countries like Turkey have invested heavily in medical research over the past decade and are fast becoming a favorite destination for various cosmetic procedures, like hair transplantations. Not surprising then that Turkey has lured in some of the top medical practitioners from around the world and earned itself a solid reputation for producing outstanding results. Not only do you get the procedure itself, you can also receive step-by-step professional guidance along the way as well as the opportunity to enjoy a much-needed break.

Safety First 

If you are seriously considering a hair transplant, there are some factors that will be key to your decision-making process. You will want the reassurance that your safety is a number one priority, that the doctors are fully trained, and that the surgery is done out of an accredited hospital rather than at a beauty salon or clinic. Turkey offers just that – and more. One company that is taking the world of hair transplants by storm is IdealofMeD, a Nordic institution operating in Turkey offering the highest level of service, quality and performance. It uses the best doctors, state-of-the-art processes and technology and has enviable hospital facilities. Its medical staff and head of medicine have decades of experience under their belt. They put the patient first and get incredible results. It is currently the only company in Turkey that offers pre-op preparedness for customers that book their procedure with them. 

IdealofMeD specialists not only guarantee that you are getting the best treatment plan for you, but also strive to become your long term hair restoration partner. The bespoke service includes advanced pre- and post-op guidance, and you get the option of visiting IdealofMeD in Istanbul, one of the most cultural cities in the world, or its branch in Izmir, a tourist haven often referred to as ‘the pearl of the Aegean.’ As if that’s not enough, prices are competitive. Not surprising the company boasts a solid reputation with a celebrity A-List clientele.

Eat Well, Sleep Well

From the moment you book, a team of specialists from IdealofMeD will devote their time to educate you on what’s involved for the procedure itself, the aftercare and the prep. When it comes to hair restoration there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. There are many reasons for hair loss ranging from genetic factors to stress. Your diet can also be a contributing factor, so the healthier you are, the better the result. A surgeon can work his or her magic, but you will have an active role to play too. In the run up to your procedure it is important to treat your body like a temple. After all, you are spending money to improve your image, so you might as well do your part to increase the chances of success, while keeping your body trim at the same time. IdealofMeD is on hand to make sure you understand how best to prepare yourself in the run up to your treatment and post-surgery. It recommends filling your body with essential nutrients and protein, while making time for exercise and relaxation. You will need to ensure that you are getting your beauty sleep as well.  

Look after your Locks 

You will also need to think about your daily hair routine. What products are you using? How much heat are you putting on your hair? Make sure you don’t wash or blow dry your hair too often. If you are tying your hair up, try different styles to ensure that the pressure is not always in the same place. To maintain a healthy head of hair you must give your body the nutrients it needs. Protein, iron, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins like A, B, C, D, zinc and selenium all contribute to healthier locks, according to studies conducted by The American Hair Loss Association, which show a balanced diet is important for hair growth and retention. 

A healthy scalp yields more positive results in hair transplant patients, which is why IdealofMeD encourages its patients to promote good scalp care before surgery.  Head massage by hand, or with a dermaroller can help improve blood circulation.  A 1998 dermatology study found that shampoos containing ketoconazole, used to treat dandruff,  improved the condition of the scalp stimulating significant growth of new hair and producing better long term results. IdealofMeD also recommends investing in a water filter for your shower to remove damaging chemicals like chlorine or metal from your water. This will help protect your pores from getting clogged, while safeguarding your donor hair ahead of your surgery.

The company says success boils down to many factors that draw on a combination of modern technology and ancient traditions. Essential oils like lavender, cedarwood oil and rosemary have all proved effective treatments for promoting hair growth. A 2015 review showed that coconut oil can also prevent hair damage. It contains lauric acid, which helps bind protein and protect hair from breaking at the root.

Destress for Success  

There are other simple lifestyle hacks that IdealofMeD recommends which can contribute to improving the success of your hair restoration. Stress can lead to a multitude of health problems and take a heavy toll on your body, including hair loss, so it is important to reduce stress, anxiety or any negative feelings from your mind in the run up to your treatment. Regular massages or yoga might be worth a try too. If you smoke, it is advisable to give up or cut down as cigarettes wreak havoc with your immune system. A few simple steps make all the difference.

A Long-Term Partner

From the moment you book, IdealofMeD specialists will be there to guide you every step of the way. Whether you are striving for perfection or not, you will be guaranteed to be getting physically and mentally prepared for an upgrade, while having the added benefit of mini break, safe in the knowledge that you are being well cared for by world-class practitioners who are giving you the best chance of success now and into the future. Book via to enjoy additional discounts. What’s more, the socially responsible, eco-friendly company ensures that the carbon footprint for your entire trip is negated. Not only will you offset your carbon emissions, you will also stay in an eco-friendly hotel using organic products, taking care of the environment as well as yourself. 

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