Conemaugh Memorial’s Skills Lab Obtains GI Simulator for Education


Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center’s Medical Skills Learning Center (MSLC) recently added a gastroenterology (GI) patient simulator to its family. The GI Mentor simulator provides opportunity for training of gastrointestinal upper and lower endoscopic procedures, and offers over 120 tasks and virtual patient scenarios.

The GI Mentor simulator is a welcome addition for general training of Conemaugh Health Staff, and specifically for general surgery resident tests leading to board certification. “Beginning this academic year, general surgery residents must successfully complete the Fundamentals and Endoscopic Surgery (FES) program to apply for the General Surgery Qualifying Exam,” explains Dr. Stanley Zagorski, Conemaugh Physician Group – Surgery and Surgical Director of the MSLC. “This simulator will allow our residents to practice their skills for this exam and prepare them to be more successful in providing these procedures to patients.” The Qualifying Exam is the first of two exams needed for surgery residents to become board-certified in general surgery.

Conemaugh’s MSLC is home to a variety of patient simulators including adult, child, infant and mother-child birthing simulator. Controlled by a member of the MSLC staff, the simulators talk, cry, bleed, sweat, adjust to change position and interventions, replicate vital signs changes and provide real-life medical scenarios for users, including reproducing rare and complicated conditions.

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