Compounding Pharmacies in Ottawa

Updated on March 15, 2021

There are many different pharmacies in the Ottawa area, both traditional pharmacies and compounding pharmacies. If you are not sure about your compounding pharmacy Ottawa options, you might want a brief guide as to how a compounding pharmacy works and which ones are worth your time and attention, such as the NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy. Let us take a look at your options and why you might want to visit a compounding pharmacy in Ottawa. There are some situations where a traditional retail pharmacy might be your best option, but also many cases where you might find that a compounding pharmacy is exactly what you need. 

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding pharmacies and traditional retail pharmacies using large scale pharmaceutical manufacturing systems have a lot in common, but also a number of significant differences. Let us take a look at how a compounding pharmacy works.

A compounding pharmacy mixes custom medications to fit the individual needs of individual patients, making medications to order. This means that the pharmacist has a stock of base ingredients and simple drugs and then mixes them together on the spot to create the necessary medications. This gives a high level of customization, allowing for the dosage to be adjusted in tiny increments for more flexibility and a better fit for the needs of individual patients. 

Traditional pharmacies stock pre-mixed medications made on an industrial scale. This means that it is very easy to get hold of most medications, but specific dosages and formulations are limited to the most commonly used options. 

Are Compounding Pharmacies Safe?

In the USA, a lot of compounding pharmacies do not have the approval of the FDA, which can lead many people to believe them to be unsafe to use. This is not necessarily accurate, though – while certain individual pharmacies may be less than reputable, compounding pharmacies are generally perfectly legitimate. There is no risk to compounded medications themselves, as long as they are properly mixed.

Legitimate compounding pharmacies are fully licensed, a qualification that brings with it a high level of oversight from health boards. This licensing and oversight ensure that the compounding pharmacy in question works only with safe substances and mixes medications based on genuine science and a high level of expertise. You should never risk visiting an unlicensed pharmacy and should always stick with fully licensed and approved compounding pharmacies, such as the NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy!

Do you need a Prescription for a Compounding Pharmacy?

The short answer: yes, you will always need a prescription for a compounded medication, just like you would for a traditionally available retail medication. 

Any doctor should be able to write you a compound prescription. While there are medical providers out there that specialize in compounding medication forms, you do not have to seek out a specialist, as your regular medical provider should be able to help here.

Compound medications can often be more expensive than their retail equivalents, but there are many that should be available at similar prices to retail medications. If you need health insurance support, then compound medication might not be the best bet for you, as many providers opt not to cover the cost of compound pharmacy products.

Where to find a Compounding Pharmacy in Ottawa

There are several different compounding pharmacy Ottawa options, but the best known is probably the NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy, located in central Ottawa. This pharmacy also offers naturopathic solutions, but their compounding pharmacy medications are the big attraction. There are other, smaller compounding pharmacies in the Ottawa area too, so you should be easily able to find a compounding pharmacy that meets your needs without too much effort or time required.


The most important thing to know about compounding pharmacies in Ottawa is that they are safe, reliable, and easy to find. Just make sure you only visit fully licensed, safe compound pharmacies and research all medical providers in advance of purchasing anything. If you are at all unsure about anything to do with medication, whether that is compounded or retail, check with your healthcare provider for advice on how best to proceed. They should be able to help you with any concerns or uncertainties you may have regarding compound medication!

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